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No I haven�?Tt fallen off the face of the earth I�?Tve just not been getting many games in recently as the local has been running a 40K campaign so no one�?Ts been playing fantasy.  That and other family commitments mean I�?Tve not really had time to be on the internet much either.

Still our local GW is running a new fantasy campaign which they�?Tre calling Magestorm it starts at 1000pts plus a 200point magic user from any army book.  There are going to be factions, upgrades and bonuses available throughout the campaign.

Now obviously I�?Tm going to be using Chaos Dwarfs for my 1000 points but the 200 point mage is a bit more thought provoking.  The campaign starts in a couple of weeks so we decided to have a practice game to try some things out.  After a bit of thought I decided to go with a Lvl4 (Black) Orc Shaman to be prodded into battle by its creators.  Which is exactly 200points with no upgrades, after all what slave would be worthy of giving any magical equipment to?

The rest of my army was as follows

1 Daemonsmith (No upgrades)

1 Bull Centaur Taur-Ruk (No upgrades)

3 Bull Centaur Renders (Shields and Full Command)

20 Infernal Guard (Full Command)

10 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

1 Magma Cannon

This was the first game I�?Tve used my Taur-ruk so I was interested to see how it performed.

My opponent took Tomb Kings with a Vampire Sorceress (She referenced one of the Vampire Chronicles books for this)

I�?Tm not sure exactly what my opponent took with regard to magic items apart from something that allowed lots of extra dice to be rolled for Channelling but the models on the table were

Vampire Sorceress

High Liche Priest on a skeletal steed

10 Skeleton Horsemen (Full Command)

24 Archers (Full Command)

3 Ushabti (With Ancient)

1 Necrosphinx

We agreed that I could use the Lore of Hashut in return for one of the features on the table being a Charnel Pit :slight_smile:

Game was Battle line and My opponent got the first turn

First (and only) photo at the end of the first movement phase.  I got a bit carried away with the game and forgot to take photos, sorry.

Anyway  First turn and the was a general moving forward of all the Tombkings including most worryingly that Necrosphinx (first time I�?Tve faced one)

Magic phase and the Vampire cast Occam�?Ts Mindrazor on the Archers and the Liche failed to cast something I don�?Tt remember.

Shooting and the Archers let fly against my Bull Centaurs and then my opponent discovered that Mind Razor only works in Close combat after attempting to claim strength 5 hits.  I think this also explains why she cast it on a unit so blatantly not getting into combat.

Anyway the archers did no wounds on my Bull centaurs so it moved on to my turn as there was no combat at the time.

My Turn 1

So with such a tempting target in potential charge range I declared charge with my Bull Centaurs right into the cavalry unit with the High Liche Priest in it and made the charge. The Infernal Guard moved up to attempt to support the fight and my (Black) Orc Shaman Slave headed into the Wizards Tower and it was spell casting time.

The Daemonsmith attempted Hell Hammer on the Necrosphinx but failed to reach.  I then used the rest of my dice to cast Foot Of Gork on the Ushabti  which got through, doing a grand total of 8 wounds :)  They were sat right on the Charnel Pit and one was regenerated.  

Shooting and despite the lack of strength the Fireglaves shot at the looming Necrosphinx and even managed to cause a wound.  The Magma Cannon shot at the Archers killing 4.

Combat and the Bull Centaurs ably led by their Taur-Ruk managed a decent 6 wounds on the Skeletal Horsemen and one on the Liche Priest.  Unfortunately thanks to the close by Charnel Pit 3 were regenerated.  Thankfully I still won combat significantly and they popped again due to combat res. The units were now locked in combat and the Ushabti was looking interested in joining in.

Turn 2

So as expected the Ushabti Ancient charged into the on-going combat and the Necrosphinx charged the building with the Fireglaves in.  My Stand and shoot reaction took one more wound of the beasty and the archers shuffled a bit closer to take some potshots at the Magma Cannon.  The Vampire took a couple of steps closer to the Skeleton Horsemen.

Magic and The Vampire now in range used all her dice to cast Occam�?Ts Mind Razor on the Horsemen which I failed to dispel.

Shooting and the Archers managed to take a wound off the Magma Cannon

And onto Combat.

First up the Fireglaves in a building V the Necrosphinx I did quite well with my to hit rolls but no wounds.  The Necrosphinx however fluffed all its attacks and had to back off an inch.

The Bull Centaurs managed to kill all but 2 of the Horsemen and the Liche Priest (who took another wound) in return the Horsemen (now at strength 8) did no wounds, however in a scene that I�?Tm sure that many Warhammer players will recognise one of the horses did a wound where the riders had failed.  The Ushabti did another wound and I won the combat by 1. With the

My Turn 2

As I didn�?Tt think the Bull Centaurs really needed any help I wheeled and moved the IG to face towards the Necroshpinx figuring the might be able to take it down with Combat res,  the (Black) Orc Shaman moved out of the Wizard�?Ts Tower to get a clear line of sight to the Ushabti and horsemen in combat, while keeping within 3�?� to claim the loremaster bonus.

Magic and after a high roll and a channel I had 11 dice to play with.  

First up I cast Hell Hammer at the Necrosphinx again and managed to kill it thanks to rolling a 6 to wound and a 5 on the Multiple wounds (D3)

Next I had a go at Gaze of Mork which took a wound off the Ushabti and then Brain Bursta that took the other.  Finally I threw the last of my dice at Eadbut and finished off the Liche Pirest.

All in all a good magic phase :slight_smile:

Shooting and the Magma Cannon took another 5 Archers out and I realised that my Fireglaves didn�?Tt have the range to do anything.

Combat and the lonely Horseman champion was utterly crushed by the Bull Centaurs

Turn 3 and With only the Vampire and the Archers left the Vampire cast Miasma on the Magma Cannon which didn�?Tt bother me and took some potshots at the Infernal Guard which had played no part in the battle as they tried to make their way across the table (Slowly) but they took no damage.

My turn 3

Wheeled the Bull Centaurs to face a more useful direction, moved my short ranged fireglaves out of the building and got the

Magic and another high roll left me with plenty of dice but not many targets in range of anything.  I decided on Hand of Mork (or is it Gork) to move my Bull Centaurs a bit closer to the action and then cast the big version of Foot of Gork!

The poor old Archers got well and truly stomped out of existence leaving only the vampire before Gork �?ogot bored and wandered off�?�

Shooting and the magma cannon targeted the Vampire and unsurprisingly took a wound off her.

Turn 3

The vampire then moved to be within an inch of the Bull Centaur unit.

Magic, she used 6 dice on her vampire to cast Miasma on my Bull centaurs and got the Irresistible Force she was hoping for.  Unfortunately (for her) she then rolled an 8 and not the 2 �?" 6 she was hoping for and the vampire sorceress was killed by the magical feedback.

Game over!

So a bit of post-game analysis.

My opponent had a fun game but has decided she needs to have bit of a re-think before the campaign starts.  I wiped her entire army out only taking a couple of wounds on my Bull Centaurs in return.

Over all I was very happy with how my army though there were certain elements that didn�?Tt have any impact in the game (I�?Tm looking at you IG) did but the man of the match had to be the Level 4 (Black) Orc Great Shaman.  

The Orc spells are devastating and did an awful lot of damage.  Foot of Gork is a unit killer pure and simple.

The Bull Centaurs once again did their job.  I know a lot of folks on here prefer the great weapon option but the shield gives them real staying power, 3W T5 2+ 6++ is hard unit to shift even if they do only have 2 attacks apiece.  The Taur-Ruk did well as part of the unit and dished out a fair bit of pain.  I think that the Horsemen were a bit of a soft target but the presence of the Liche Priest in the unit made it a priority to take out.

I�?Tm really looking forward to the Campaign :slight_smile:




Never played on a table with that much water. Must be a special experience.

Ah well we ignored the fact it was water ;)




Thanks Vogon, this is really great. Thank you. A what a nice game board. I’ll send you some slaves for this. Battlereports takes some work to do. Great stuff.


What a nice table !!! And tnx for the great bat rep;)