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Any tips for a new player and what would be the best cards if I was to collect a red\black deck. :hat off


Any tips for a new player and what would be the best cards if I was to collect a red\black deck. :hat off

Are you playing Legacy?
That's the best format to play.

Da Crusha:

well Im not that good and took about a 12 year break from the game until recently. in a 60 card deck bring at least 20 lands. i’ve heard for a 40 card deck bring at least 16 creatures and 16 or 17 lands. try to use instants at the end of your opponents turn (or when applicable) to keep your mana open, this way your opponent won’t be able to feel safe. not too many more tips from me.


well Im not that good and took about a 12 year break from the game until recently.

Da Crusha
I know how you feel I started playing when Dark came out then stopped after Urza's Legacy. I got back in with Alara Reborn, with the current play 20 lands can be to few 23-24 is standard in 60 card decks when you can't afford to miss a land drop when most games are over some times once a player reaches 5-6 lands in play. then with creatures it all depends on your way of playing; Burn, Swarm, Beatdown, Control. Black and red are good at two of these burn and beatdown I would put in a 60 card deck 23 lands 21 creatures and 16 other. creature wise try to shy away from anything that is higher than a 5 drop and for every two 1-2 drop creature put a 3-4 drop and for every two 3-4 drop creature put a 5 than should give you twelve 1-2 drops six 3-4 drops and three 5 drops leaving you with 16 cards to put burn and spot removal to clear the way for your creatures these 16 cards are best used for cards like Flames of the Firebrand which can deal 3 damage divided however you like among creatures and players, Dreadbore which can kill any creature or planeswalker for one mana of both read and black, Rakdos Charm which has three effects to choose from. With the return to ravnica set just released many of the card you need will be in it or M13 good luck on pulls and playing in this current block.

Da Crusha:

yeah listen to what he said. its much better advice.


I didn’t realize there’s currently a ‘return to Ravnica’ thing going on with MtG. the Ravnica series was lots of fun. I got into during that period and then lost interest shortly after.

So with that being said, Rakdos�?Ts Return is a good one. For XBR you deal X damage to a player and they discard X cards. All of the Guildmages are good (e.g. Rix Maadi Guildmage, Rakdos Guildmage). Go find yourself some of the Dissension Rakdos cards, there’s some great artifacts and lands.

The Dissension Gobhobbler Rats aren’t bad for BR you get a 2/2 that you can pump +1/0

Slithering Shade is OK, B for a 0/1 that you can pump +1/+1 for B… if you’re expecting to be generating more black it is more usable.

If you’ve got some tricks for applying damage consistently then the Dissension card Pain magnification (cost: 1BR) makes them lose cards in addition to the damage.

The Seal cards from the Ravnica block were generally good. The R card Seal of Fire is a good threat to leave hanging around.

I also had a lot of fun with 4 Nettling Curses in one of my decks. It’s an enchantment for 2B, attach it to a creature and when ever they attack or block its controller loses 3 life. It sounds sucky, except that for 1R the enchanted creature is forced to attack :wink:

Get some Blood Crypts! 4 would be a good number, generates B or R

Rakdos Carnarium land generates BR

Rakdos Signet artifact generates BR for 1 mana

Have fun… but watch your wallet… you need to save for more evil dwarfs you know :hat off



I’m looking at getting back into magic too, anyone able to give me a little overview on what’s changed in the past 15 years?! I think urza’s legacy had just come out when I left!