[Archive] Magma Dragon Ancient Chaos Dwarf Enemy?


so i don’t have my tamurkhan book here, but in it it has a story of when tamurkhan and drazhoath made their pact, the chaos dwarfs made for tamurkhan a magic axe and tamurkhans horde helped the chaos dwarfs fight off their territory this massive dragon (i mean just look at the art work, it’s like the size of an air craft carrier!).

my question is what kind of dragon is this? we can odviously take the easy out and say it’s an emporer dragon, but this is a bit of a cop out. is it a magma dragon? i want to know how a dragon is so powerful that it took on both tamurkhan’s horde and the chaos dwarfs? and how it could raise a ghoul army? or should we just say it was part of alan bligh’s imagination and leave it at that?

Thommy H:

After getting Monstrous Arcanum, I went back to that picture and I think it’s fairly obvious from its shape and the appearance of its scales that it’s a very ancient, very huge Magma Dragon. It isn’t exactly the same, but it could have been based on an early concept or something.


ya those are my thoughts exactly tommy, based on the pic it looks like a magma dragon.

you have the monstrous arcanum? i really can’t afford it. what does it say about the magma dragon?

The Odor:

I havent seen it nor read the story in awhile but I would say it is a HUGE (Very old… Maybe Old Ones age) dragon. The ghoul army could just have been ordered by this huge thing to fight. They are alive and if a living aircraft carrier that can breath fire told me to do something or DIE I would do it.


as far as i remember, the book states that it was a nightmare dragon, not a magma.


The Monstrous Arcanum entry does have a story of a Magma Dragon Hagdar who was a Fire Dragon captured by the Chaos Dwarfs and turned into a magma dragon by experiments turning him into a “Living Vessel capable of sustaining possession by a daemon” implying to me that the chaos dwarfs were actually responsible for the creation of the species in the first place.

This dragon also escaped and wreaked terrible vengeance on the Chaos Dwarfs, though nothing more is said after this.