[Archive] making bullcentaurs...Is this idea good?


Hi… I was thinking about, making bullcentaurs off boars and cut of the head, and glue a dwarf-miner body and use greenstuff for filling the gaps. And then make it more Chaos Dwarf’ish:P

What do you guys think about that? :cheers


well there used to be boar centaurs so i dont see why not. should be a pretty cheap way to make the unit


I had an idea about using my spare Warboss Boar to make a Bull Centaur hero or a Great Taurus

I dunno if it might be too large for a dwarf body though…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I don’t know if it’s too large for a dwarf body, but it’s definitely too small for a Great Taurus!


oh…i’m just trying that way to make a bull centaur, can be cute in my opinion…photo soon

Lord Darkash:

BCs CUTE?? Not sure Hashut will be pleased with cute…


lol cute idea not the bcs rofl

Lord Darkash:

lol :slight_smile: My mistake!

caos dwrf:

try using the beastmen centigores but cut off the tops of the bodies and put on a uper bodie of a dwarf


Ishkur Cinderhat:

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caos dwrf:

and what is that suposed to mean ?

i have not had alot of time to post over the last while(did that make sense)

i now need to make up for what i missed

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