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Hey everyone. I am was just curious who here has a camera capable of video. I myself use a Sony Cybershot Digital camera and just use a small tripod and the video function to record.

Who else has this capability? Video is pretty sweet, and I have been pioneering it for the Warhammer community. I am sure others have the capability too, so what’s stopping you? :slight_smile:

Discuss! :hat off


i think the problem is having a sufficiently good camera to film tiny things. i can make reasonable videos on my phone, but as soon as anything is really zoomed in it gets blurry.

id love to make a tactics video superimposing lots of arrows onto it. how cool would that be!

Ghrask Dragh:

I think I could make and upload one with the digital camera I have, don’t know how good the quality will be I’d have to do some test runs!

What would people like to see though? If I can do anything that people are struggling with I would be glad to make a short vid on that! Maybe a sculpt your own hat tutorial?


I have a pretty good cam, the problem is that my upload-program is crap and I couldn’t upload my movies… a couple years later my battery crashed, cause I used the cam only for skype, so in the moment i have only crap :slight_smile: but well… now I can probably download the program from somewhere, and a new battery isn’t so expensive, so I hope someday I’ll fix the damn thing :~

but well I never thought using the cam for Miniatures… sounds funny to me :cheers

Grano :hat off


i do too… I don’t really know why I haven’t yet… Lazyness mainly.

My desire to do full on hobby sessions all day, and during my free time is fairly low.

I’ll do at least one during my next PTO, and depending on how it goes… maybe do more.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Haven’t anything to film. Also, would have to film in 3 minute segments, glue them together in a film-making programme and THEN pload them.


At one point I had considered making a documentary on Warhammer, but I lost passion for the project and have been working on some other ideas instead. I could still do it though, if I could find a group and store that would be cool with me and a crew hanging around and giving orders :wink: .


I have a webcam that I can adjust to have decent video. The only issue is that the max resolution is 640x480.

What would we video though?


What would we video though?

Video battles reports might be interesting if you could do enough post production to make it interesting. You'd have to do a lot of voice over and get plenty of shots and slap it all together as a montage with some snazzy music. Otherwise it would just be to boring.