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Okay, so for my chaos exansion I need to build five warshrines, 1 Slaanesh, 2 Tzeentch, 1 Nurgle and 1 undivided. Ideally I’d like to do them on a budget, but has anyone got any cool ideas for these?

Thommy H:


HeroQuest 4tW!

I see the Tzeenth one as being on a giant floating disc.

The Slaanesh one would be built on a quivering mound of living flesh.

The Nurgle one would be carried forth on a sea of Nuglings and carry boiling cauldrons of pestulant bile.

A Knornate one would be a screming amalgamation of brass and blood, with skulls piled high atop it.

No thoughts on how to model them off-hand though…

Ghrask Dragh:

I’m sure I saw someone using the parts from the corpsecart for their nurgle shrine, it worked really well! :sick


Yup, I was thinking Corpse carts too :). Or maybe a huge palanquin? With the ancient remains of a long-dead champion or king. Or a really really really fat champion on a chariot base :slight_smile:

Some kind of trophy cart for Khorne? Trophy heads on spikes, enemy weapons/shields etc. Or maybe a mobile duelling platform for Chaos Warriors who want to show off.

A slave wagon for Slaanesh? Cages full of slaves. Or a decadent carriage with a champion and his harem:). Pulled by gimps of course.

A mobile wizards tower/carriage for Tzeentch. Pulled by Screamers. A floating blind Daemon with wings outstretched mounted on a chariot base.

A champion riding a huge beast (maybe a rhinox)? A mighty altar with a frothing orator of Chaos on top carried by Chaos Warriors? A carnival caravan like with the Mordheim Carnival of Chaos?


A Chaos Dwarf steam-powered engine of war :hashut An armoured blunderbuss wagon :slight_smile:

Just some ideas off the top of my head :slight_smile:


Awesome model there Thommy.


Thanks for the advice guys, I’ve got a couple of plans now I thought I’d run by you:

Tzeentch - I really like the giant floating discs idea as it fits in well with my army. Both my knights and marauder horsemen ride converted discs, so this would fit in beautifully. The theme for the army is that they are a cultrather than a standard horde of Northern marauders, so the dic is going to be pulled by blinded cultist, with hooded monks wielding censors acompanying it and a preacher riding atop it.

Slaanesh - The harem idea is really cool! Only issue is how expensive it could get, plus it would detract from the fact my general is supposed to be the head honcho - so why is he riding while this bloke gets carried in luxury. I reckon the best way would be to make it the general’s consort being carried by slaves, whipped on by a slavemaster and accompanied by bodyguards.

Nurgle - Plaguecart seems good, but how to convert it? It does have the added bonus that I can use the driver as an extra sorcerer. Using the plague cart as a mount for a Nurgle champion would be pretty cool

Kera foehunter:

a warshrine to the god this is madness!!!

well if you have to make them small

Tzeentch a skull painted red

shaanesh a skull painted purple with long blonde hair

nurgle a green skull on a bunch of worms

and as the gods help you out in battle you add more!!!


for Khorne you could have a brass and iron platform, piled high with skulls, with a bloody headsman’s block and an axe-wielding executioner


Sadly I don’t have room in 21,000pts for a Khornate Warshrine…

Hashut’s Blessing:

AGPO, I’m not sure that sentence was right :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, I’m not 100% sure on the rules for a warshrine, but I assume it’s a shrine on wheels: therefore, look in the dictionary for the literal definition of shrine and go from there. However, what you’ve suggested does sound good. With the corpse cart, add some flab to the wraith and make it more Chaosy, then add Nurglings to your plagued people on the shrine or your plagued that have died and are being collected to spread the lovely pox…

For Undivivded, since you seem to lack Khorne, you could either make it heavily Kh-ornate (sorry needed the pun) or not include him at all. Basically, lots of stars and a few things reminiscent from the others. Perhaps have it floating on a disc, a slave steering it and a fat, bileous guy whipping the slave…


it’s an imobe item, no wheels…

lets each champion roll on the eye of the gods when they win chalanges

Hashut’s Blessing:

Then have chains attaching the disc to the ground (but still floating) and the Slaanesh one could be under a gozebo, the Nurgle one in a vat of pus and bile and the undivided one at an altar…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well it may be a bit to much but these look nice http://z4.invisionfree.com/cotec/index.php?showtopic=3873&st=0


Thommy H:

it's an imobe item, no wheels....

No, it moves. In the artwork, it's actually pulled by a chaos steed. But its movement stat is only 4, which is why I just had it appear mobile, rather than a sort of ornate chariot being pulled by a horse.


Well, there’s been progress. I’ve sketched what I want from all the models and decided on the models I’m using.

My Slaanesh warshrine is going to be a reliquary. It’s going to be carried by two burly slaves whipped into battle by a cool old Slaaneshi model I’ve found on e-bay. The fluff for the army says my lord of Slaanesh was given a stone containing the essence of a Daemon Prince, so thats going to be in the box

Nurgle-wise I’m settled on the plaguecart, you’ll have to wait and see what I do to it :slight_smile:

Tzeentch no.1 is indeed going to be the floaty disc I described, with marrauders as the cultists and scratch sculpted guardians. However tower two I wanted something just a tad different. I’m going for an old Man o’ War Bane Tower of Tzeentch. This is going to represent a window into the relam of chaos showing the Impossible Castle - Tzeentch’s stronghold. It’ll look strangly small on a chariot base but hey, it’ll add to the wierdness.

For the undivided one, well I got a glimse of the artwork and it inspired me to try and produce something similar, so that’s probablly going to be my longest term project (ie it’ll be difficult)