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How do you make axe and sword blades out of Plasticard? I’ve been trying but can’t get the results I’ve seen from others, is there a knack or trick to it? Any tutorials and/or advice greatfully recieved.


I cut the plasticard into the flat sword shape and the use greenstuff to make it look 3d, axes are much easier cut out the same 2d shape but file the front edges to give it the blade,Hope this helps.

Kera foehunter:

i did a few i use a hobby knife.to cut the sword shape but i kinda still sux at it!!


Aim to have it 2mm thick, so that might mean gluing two pieces together. Use superglue instead of poly cement if you’re doing this as it won’t come off in small lumps when filing.

Then basically cut the rectangle roughly the right size and file away.

What specifically is the problem you’re having?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ve never tried, but would suggest drawing out the shape of the blade (correct thickness, glue multiple sheets together if need be), cut it out roughly (making sur to not go inside the lines), then draw a parallel line to the blade edge (on a sword, slightly in and straight, on an axe, slightly in and following the curve, but both must keep the same distance away), then draw a line on the thin side, hlaf way through the thickness, following the shape of the weapon. Finally, file the plasticard until the new edge (you’re making it by filing) touches each line. Repeat on the other side (make sure the line on top is the same distance in).

Hope that helps, although it’s pure theory.