[Archive] Malal Lives!


Malal lives! The forgotten God is back with a bang:

First of all The Beast of Malal (Hook Beast) has been released on CPModels.

(Found here: http://www.cpmodelsminiatures.co.uk/CP%20MODELS%2028MM%20%20NIGHT%20TERRORS.htm )

Also you can read about Malal on my Blog here: Oldhammer on a budget: Chaos God: Malal

And on Realm of Chaos 80’s:

Realm of Chaos 80s: The Malignancy of Malal: Solving the mystery of the 'fifth chaos god'


Quite nice model :cheers but I presume it’s not so huge, only human size.

I have the imagination that the Beast of Malal should be bigger - is there any specific fluff about this beast (haven’t already read the fluff at your website)?

Nonetheless cool model like several of the other models at the CP site!



The only fluff about the Beast of Malal is this one concept sketch:

And here’s a scale shot:


Isn’t the sculpt missing teeth in the upper jaw?


Isn't the sculpt missing teeth in the upper jaw?

I would say so, and not that manny in the lower either... :)


Your’ll notice that most the teeth and spikes a few other minor differences from the Artwork. Artists choice I guess, eitherway I quite like it :slight_smile:


Nice beast, although it’d look better with a pose identical with the original artwork, as well as a beakfull of sharp teeth. Some stretched tissue at the corner of the mouth would also improve it. Easy conversions. I might have to get one later on for the bestiary, since it’s always nice to throw in random encounters like Ogre Butchers in the Woods or ravening Ghouls during friendly games. Thanks for the links!


And on Realm of Chaos 80's:

Wow, that was great fun to read... and the bit about Skarg and the Chaos Dwarfs. Excellent background stuff! We need someone two write some short fiction and expand on that account for our next WoH ;)



seems similar to the “Hook Horrors” from D&D I’ve seen somewhere


Hook Horrors put together and with a Woods RPG Kelpie: