[Archive] Malificant's Dawi-Zhaar


here they are, in all their wanna be glory!��the GSing is a little rough yet, but im gettin there.��pretty good for my first shot GSing anything halfway major if i do say so myself.��pictures could use some help and better lighting, but im in a dark dorm dungeon.��

the shields are supposed to look that way, they are going to be worn and beat up.

lets see here…just 20 blunderbusses, 2 mages, a lord on taurus, 4 bolt throwers, an earthshaker, 10 bull centaurs, and 10 wolfriders to go!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Ishkur Cinderhat:

shriek Undead Chaos Dwarfs!! o.O


Looking good so far! If the skulls are helmets, consider widening them with greenstuff around the sides and back. This’d help to make them look a little less like undead, and more like dwarfs.

Keep it up!


I like the closefitting skull helms ,nice dreads to lets see some nifty paintwork:hat


thnx guys. i actually think the skull missing the lower jaw is perfect for a mask army. if you read my backround in the backround section of the forum, the skulls make sense.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Maybe then you should sculpt some sort of neck shield onto the skulls, to increase the helm/mask image. If you leave the skulls like that, imagine how small the head underneath would need to be! They would have to be Chaos Dwarfs without brains, which does not please Hashut.


Lookm great, as noted you got to get some more light on them so we can nit pick on them even more… JK! Seriously good work there. My advice would be to make the hobbo wolf rider a bit taller. Since they are bigger then gobbos you’ll need to deferential them some how. Thats what I’m doing to mine.


I think your orcs/ hobgobbos and ogre are looking far too healthy.��Need some gs work to make them look more dead.��Perhaps carve into some of the heads to paint it as skull showing through?.��Could replace some hobgobbo arms as skeleton arms.

The dire wolves would have been good, with a Doom wolf for the hobgobbo hero?

Not forgetting 5 zombie slaves using the cursed company… (GH#4 hint ;))


I’m confused about whether these Chaos Dwarves are undead or not… If they are, cool! Neat idea! If not, still a neat idea to use the skulls as masks, but I think they need to be bulked up a bit more.


ahem, again-maybe ill post a link, look at my backround for them. the ogres and goblins are slaves captured after the flesh was stripped from their skulls.


so in summery, they are not undead. they are daemon ravaged and have no face. the greenskins and ogres are slaves.


I like the sculpts, I think some sort of gourget might be an idea though


i tried doing the scale mail bib, but it looked really bad, so i decided to go without it.

Kera foehunter:

Wow i like the army big ogres small gobos or hobgos and great job on the whips!!!


just found out a buddy of mine made me an early x-mas gift. he is a glass-smith and has made me a blown glass EARTHSHAKER! will post pics as soon as i recieve it! im all giddy inside now!

Pyro Stick:

just found out a buddy of mine made me an early x-mas gift. he is a glass-smith and has made me a blown glass EARTHSHAKER! will post pics as soon as i recieve it! im all giddy inside now!

How do you make a blown glass earthshaker??


idk, but he made cannons and mortars for his empire army, so im assuming a giant mortar.


They look great the ogre looks a bit to healthy also you may want to add helmets on the warriors so they look less like undead.

Kera foehunter:

lucky!!! Can’t wait to see it .So Malificant do you have glass paint to paint it ha ha ha


idk, maybe ill pick some up, maybe ill just leave it glass colored. havnt decided on that yet, and wont till i see it saturday. let the thumb twidling begin!

wait! i can convert the crew! runs off to workshop