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This showcase will mostly contain headers and pictures. Ill use my Army blog when I need to talk about the army, so give it a look if you wanna know more about me or my army. Ill try to select the best pictures from my army blog to go here.

DISCLAIMER: As specified in the Army Blog - I haven’t painted all of this myself.

Full Army


2*20 Warriors with full command

24 Warriors with Blunderbuss�?T and no command

23 Hobgoblins with banner

22 Hobgoblins with bows and no command

60 Naked Hobgoblins with 2 musicians


Hobgoblin Boltthrowers

10 Ironsworns with Full Command

20 Black Orcs with full command

6 Bull Centaurs with a standard bearer

4 Bull Centaurs



Dreadquake Mortar

10 Hobgoblin Wolfraiders with a banner

K�?Tdaii Destroyer



Hobgoblin Khan

Bull Centaur Tauruk



Sorcerer-Prophet on Great/Bale Taurus


Great looking army. Nice colors and awesome bases!!


Massive entrance, great stuff, are the bases cork? Cannot wait to see your encore


Thanks for the nice comments Yodrin and Abecedar. As stated in the first post, I won’t write much in this showcase, but visit the Army Blog for anything regarding the army that isn’t pictures.

@ Abecedar: The bases are from Micro Arts Studio and is resin, but I have made my own on the Bull Centaurs and K’daii Destroyer


Retouched Daemonsmith

Sorcerer-Prophet on Lammasu

Retouched Earthshaker

Command Groups the Hobgoblin Units


Bezhukk the Immortal


Wow! It’s great to see him painted up in a brighter more colorful old school chaos dwarf style. Really gives him a different look entirely.

How does he looks alongside other units in your collection? like your warriors or your other Lords and Heroes?


Very nice army!

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@Scar: Thanks man! I wish I had your talent and speed <3

@: Carcearion: He fits right in color-wise, but the lack of banner poles really makes him stand out, which is a good thing in this case.


Featured Army
Nothing you haven’t seen before, but presented slightly nicer.


A resounding “Viking Clap” for you Sir.

Iceland performs ultimate 'Viking war chant', throws epic homecoming party for Euro 2016 team - YouTube


Ogres for the Dreadquake Mortars



As usual, I have more pictures over at my ARMY BLOG

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I haven’t seen a fresh ass-cannon in so long! Nice job!!


I really love the bases with rocks and solvin the problem of the new size of the Bull Centaurs.

Awesome Army.


I haven't seen a fresh ass-cannon in so long!  Nice job!!

Grimbold Blackhammer
I concur! We just don�?Tt get enough fresh asses on the forum. It�?Ts such a fun model, but you have a fun army scheme like this one to pull off straddling it down on the battle-field.


New Daemonsmith/Castellan/Sorceror-Prophet

As usual, More pictures can be found i the ARMY BLOG. This is also where I have answer to feedback and write a lot of stuff, as I intend to keep the Army Showcase primarily for a few good pictures. But thanks for the sweet words about the Hellcannon Grimbold, Skullomartin and Carcearion :slight_smile:


Great work Malorndk, that is one major kick ass Army.


Drazhoath the Ashen on Cinderbreath


Amazing army! The minis and the color scheme have so much character.