[Archive] Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Supreme Iron-Caster on Great Winger Abyssal


Thommy H:

I’d like to see it with a better paintjob.


Agreed. In that picture, it looks very much like a type of unappealing toy dragon on sale in the 90s.

However, even so I think it is one of the nicest monsters yet released by Mantic. The Abyssal Dwarf rider is neat. The dragon scales aren’t too interesting for Chaos Dwarfs, though dragons did figure in Babylonian mythology. It could still be used for CDs, for sure, though it might be most interesting for WoC Dragon Ogre Shaggoths.

Thanks for sharing!

Thommy H:

Where did you find this anyway, Tjub?


Looks like a conversion of the Dungeon Saga dragon - I’m guessing it’s the Abyssal Dwarf mount that was available through the KoW kickstarter as I believe that was going to be a head swap of the DS dragon



Fuggit Khan:

I like it! Lots of conversion potential :hashut


The wings are much too small!

All in all … not my cup of tea! :~



The wings are much too small!

All in all ... not my cup of tea! :~


Good to hear from the man, whos collection pretty much boils down to "one of each". :hat off


Looks too cartoonish imo, not a fan.



I usualy hate their miniature !

Regarding that one, I really like the face ! However not a huge fan of the rest :(…

it looks like the miniature has a scarf by the way xD


I don’t really like how it looks but I do believe that it has great potential for coverstions when in the right hands


Perhaps the face could be used on GW’s Manticore kit or even their new Bloodthirst or Lotr Balrog? I wonder how it would scale up to them.


I don’t like that the body is essentially a dragon…


I don't like that the body is essentially a dragon..

It's not essentially a dragon, it is a dragon - they just took the DS dragon, chopped it's head off and slapped a lamasu one in its place.


The face looks ok and one can discuss about the body.

But the whole details of that mini are simply not enough for my taste. It looks like a boardgame figure.


. It looks like a boardgame figure.

Considering its converted from a board game figure, are you surprised? ;P


Is it really ;)?

Ok, there are board game figures which look very good ourdays, so that is not really a statement about quality.

The mantic Kings-of-War-Game is fun by the way. But these models…

Timothy Archer:

pretty cool , with some conversions it can be amazing i guess