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I heard recently that alessio cavatore is doing the ruleset for mantic games and I got pretty excited (by excited I mean 40 skellies and two catapults). I was just wondering what peoples opinions were on the matter?


From what I’v read mantic are aiming for a game for tournament play and fair ness

but it’s a bit too early to tell.


I dare say I’m optimistic, but only time will tell.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It is going to be ridiculously simplified and instead of removing models, you add effects (usually penalties) and if the unit fless, you remove it.

However, it’s VERY early days in the design process.


I would love for mantic to get going with full rules… It will get even more people interested in their minis and by result help them develop lines.


It will get even more people interested in their minis and by result help them develop lines.
Hopefully they might get some decent figure designers too. Although their zombies are admittedly very cool...


I’m not too fond of most of their miniatures but but ghouls are astounding.


I didn’t know they were developing their own rules. I thought they were just producing miniatures that can be used in all sorts of tabletop games, but mainly for “the game” so to speak.


Damnit! The Game…

I’m none too impressed with Mantic’s figures, so I probably won’t bother looking into the rules. I wish them all the best though.


Can only be good for the hobby as a whole right ?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Originally, they wanted to just get some models made and then form the rules around the models, not vie versa. They just kept the thought of rules out of public knoweldge.


I got my free ghould sprue for signing up for their newsletter, and think it’s awesome.


I personally don’t think I’d ever buy the models they have out now, unless it was to specifically play their rules, but I signed up for their newsletter as well out of curiosity.


I bought some of their Revenants to use as skeletons/crypt guard in my WHQ games. They look great, as far as I and my fellow players are concerned. If I had bought GW they would have looked great too, but I can’t justify GW prices.

Mantic’s range is a bit mixed, but for literally half the price of GW figs they’re more than good enough. IMHO the principal reason that people don’t like their ranges is just because we’re all used to thinking of GW style as the standard. Free your minds :P! And really I can’t believe that anyone hasn’t made an effort to undercut GW’s market before.

I hope that they succeed and that many more follow in their footsteps.

But I’m not the slightest bit interested in their ruleset, regrets.


It depends what you’re in the hobby for I suppose. IF miniatures are playing pieces and the predominent aspect of the hobby for you is gaming, then Mantic offer a great deal. On the other hand, if you are more of a painter or modeller for whom gaming takes a back seat to painting or modelling, then their range has little to recomend it. I fall firmly into the latter category as I rarely if ever actually have a chance to play Warhammer.


Giving anyone the chance to play a completely different game using all their existing models is a pretty nice prospect.


I just lost… Thanks AGPO… BTW Im sorry for your lots.


its always good when a new game system comes out keeps the industry going and give us new model to look at :slight_smile:


buyng an army boxset (in my case dwarves) gets you a mini rule book, the rules seem like WFBlite really.