[Archive] Map campaign advice


So my gaming group is starting up a map campaign. We’re using the map from the General’s Compendium and some of the special rules.

I’m GM’ing this so I’ve been trying to come up with interesting stuff for my players.

I have a scenario partially formed in my head that I wanted to run by you guys. On the map, there’s an elf tower special section. In my game, my thoughts were this could be a ruined high elf tower of special interest to the magic-inclined races.

The tower has been the site of many battles, specifically many magical duels between wizards vying for control of the tower. I thought it might be interesting to use my old familiar figs (i have 8 I think) in a scenario. Perhaps they could be “rogue” familiars moving about the battlefield after the death of their masters?

I know the Hordes of Chaos book has 6th edition stats on power, warrior and spell familiars.

Any ideas on how I can combine the tower and the familiars in a game scenario? Bear in mind that this is being played 7th edition so keep 6-7 magic system in mind not 8.

Any help brainstorming this would be greatly appreciated.

It would be good in the scenario to let the army’s wizards take center seat.