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due to me setting up my own business, i need cash and i am thinking of selling my marauder and citadel chaos dwarf army :frowning: and i was wondering how much i could get for it - note i would not want to sell it on ebay due to the fees and swsnbn and i would rather have a gamer buy it

consists off

chaos dwarf juggernaut (normal and unpainted - no extra levels)

swivel guns x 4 - 1 well painted

petard x 2

bazooka x 4 (i think its 4)



chaos dwarf marauder mage x2 - 1 well painted and 1 half painted

26 chaos dwarf crossbowmen (23 with crossbows) - most of them well painted

30 marauder warriors (including converted standard and musician) - 17 painted

converted and well painted boar centaur army standard

8 oglah khans wolf boyz (6 wolves + loads of spare boyz - i will find out how many)

i will try to get pictures, my cameras on the blink at the moment


sending PM


I would be interested in a mage and a couple of marauders though that may not help much:hat

Pyro Stick:

Could you give a list of the marauders that you have please?


PM sent


PM sent.


PM sent.


ive just had a better look and i have

25 xbowmen (19 with crossbows/ 14 well painted) (all 6 at least twice)

31 marauders (2 converted with standard and musician/ 18 well painted)

juggernaught (not original boar centaur)



4 swivel guns (1 well painted)

3 bazookas

2 morters

well converted and painted boar centaur army standard

2 marauder mages (both well)

forgot to look at the oglah khans stuff( will update later)

12 oglah khans incl command + gazrak khan (at least 6 are complete the rest need spears and wolves - only 5 have wolves)

+ half a dozen assorted citadel/gw chaos dwarfs


not at home at the moment but the marauders are

on the marauder list it goes in order like this (the number is equal to how many there are)







this is wahat i can remember of the top of my head, should have pics up soon

Pyro Stick:

If im reading that table thing right then id like to go for my last 4 marauder wants if they are available:


now with pics, no pics of oglah khans wolfboyz


Ghrask Dragh:


Yes, I have bought the army. I have dealt with Boomstick before and again it has been a pleasure, a great seller! Excellent communication and easy to talk to, if anyone is thinking about dealing with this guy I can and will vouch for his reputation.

Thanks Boomstick