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(mods please tell me if this topic doesnt belong here, im sorry if its in an innapropriarte place)

So, anyway for those of you who dont know, my chaos dwarf army is a mortals of chaos army that i have incorporated chaos dwarfs into, for instance i have one unit of all chaos dwarfs and thats the units theme, but mainly my units will have a cd popped in here nthere or maybe driving the whip behing my chariot, maybe even riding a bull headed juggernaught. This theme is leaves alot more variety, currently has a brand new army list…

So, my main question was how to incorporate my chaos dwarfs into my marauder units…i was thinking norse dwarfs becuase after all…they are basically dwarf marauders…but after trying to collect 3rd edition metal chaos warriors and chaos dwarfs on ebay, ive noted that this can be quite grueling, so i found some old realms of chaos centaurs that have armour similar to that of the marauders, would thisb e a good idea too?..SO i thought this would be a GREAT topic for this website considering all the young aspiring hobbyists out there…

How exactly would you guys incorporate chaos dwarfs into a hoardes of chaos army??

give me your feedback!!