[Archive] Maruders and Bestigors


I dont know if this should go here, if it doesnt then please move it:hat off.

These models have been occupying most of my free time lately.

And these.

They are conversions made from the chaos warrior and beast herd box sets. Simple torso head and weapon switching. Painted pics are on the way later the week (or next as im putting my best work into these).


These look familiar! Hehe, great use of both sets of sprues!

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Hashut’s Blessing:

I think marauder bodies would’ve fit the warrior legs better, but it looks very good. I ESPECIALLY like the bestigors. May nick the idea, myself :smiley:


A closer look at those centaurs please!


I will nick the idea, i’ve been looking for a good standard bestigor conversion, and you get warriors out of it as well. I think the gor torsos work well as they are bigger than the marrauders which is only appropriate for chaos warriors. The one thing I would change would be to add more armour to the warriors’ torsos. Do you have a site for your chaos army?


Wow everyone loves these bestigor/maruder conversions. I dont have a site but I do have a sort of mini-blog for my chaos army on this site http://z4.invisionfree.com/cotec/index.php?showtopic=3060 heres the link to it. Bestigors and Maruders are not the only models you can get out of this. I made a cock up and used an ungor by accident, but thanks to that I made a chaos hero on foot. Also useing 5 Ungor and ordering 5 armoured horses you can make 5 Knightgors(beast theamed chaos knights) and a bray shaman.

Here are pics for the chaos hero.

And just to show that he is bigger than the normal foot soldiers, here he is compared to a Gor,Chaos warrior,Centigor,Chaos Ogre and Marauder.


funny…my bestigors/pestigors look exactly the same. Awesome job.

The Flying Beaver:

I really like the marauders, well done. Question: did you find this site from a link on COTEC?


I think I’ve seen something like those marauders before, except that they were nurgle and had three holes drilled into their masks.

Great work though, I love beastmen “MOO”

Uzkul Werit:

Nice job on those Bestigors. They look miles better than the offical models! What mark do they have?


The bestigors are undevided, but I am making a marked bestigor for each god (I will use the new spawns heads for some) and they will alternate as unit champion to dictate what mark they have.

And i did not find this site thorough chotec (I found it after I found this one), I found this site through the warhammer forums and some ones signiture link.


I have spent a while painting these models and I have the results. ( I havent flocked them yet) but anyway here they are.

Stupid camara hates me.


Now i wanna try some beasty-dwarves, in fact i might i’ll just need some major fluff work. These look great man, good work