[Archive] masked Lammasu


This is a question to those who play with masked chaos dwarfs :mask

The main thing to do in a masked CD dwarf army is to put cool masks on every dwarf head you can find.

Then the idea struck me, the Lammasu.

Being a monstrous creature with the head of a big dwarf, wouldn’t he, also have a big mask?!

If not a full mask, maybe a mask that only covered the upper half of his face, so he still could use his massive jaws.

feel free to comment your vote!



Masked dwarves are obviously just trying to hide their ugly faces!

I suppose for consistency’s sake that it should have a mask, but probably not a full one.


I was toying with this notion myself :slight_smile: I would say definitely a mask, makes it look less daft :slight_smile:


A mask could be cool. It would depend entirely on how well I thought I could do it. Having said that, none of my Sorcerers have masks, so maybe not.

It’s nice up here on the fence.


I suppose it could be done well, but I can’t see it personally. My vote is for no mask

Kera foehunter:

Masked well i would not!! it a cool figure that is one of the figures that got me to like cds

the Lammuasu!!


If it is done well, it could look amazing. If not, I think it will backfire.

It’s something that requires A LOT of skill to pull off in my opinion. At least that’s my gut reaction.


Maybe echoed symbols of hashut as a guard over the face ?

Kera foehunter:

if it the current i would not but if it a conversion it may look ok


I would prefer some kind of elaborate Sumerian headgear rather than a mask per se.

Kera foehunter:

so could you do a wip on this Please


The reason I was asking was because I was thinking about doing some artwork.

But there will be an Lammasu in my army later aswell!

But for now I’m stuck up with many other units, so It will take a while before I start on the Lammasu.

Altough, it might be worth the wait, because I’m planning making it from scratch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kera foehunter:

well at least you can draw it to get some ideas


it sounds good, but i rather see a face so terror really sets in.


updating this thread with a picture I made with a masked Lammasu,

to give you a clue of where I’m heading.



If you are converting a Lammasu from a Manticore model, then the mask would be a great way of making it different, and much easier than sculpting a new face.


I have to say the picture does look awesome.


The wait is over, I finally started on my project;

"make a scratch built MASKED lammasu"

I haven’t come very far yet since I started yesterday,

but it might be worth checking in once in a while since I will be updating pretty frequently from now on.

All material regarding this will be find in my army blog:


Below is a teaser, :hat off




I think a ‘mask’ is misleading, armour plates on his head would be better. It is a beast afterall.

Da Crusha:

I think a 'mask' is misleading, armour plates on his head would be better.  It is a beast afterall.

but it's a magical beast.... with a chaos dwarf head! actually Im surprised no one has put a hat on him yet:P

anyways, I "built" a lammasu with a mask, well, he hasn't been glued or pinned at all only put together with blue tack