[Archive] mass horde of Dawi Zharr


Hey all,

Everyone has such amazing collections, I think we should try to photoshop all of the collections together to present a huge writing mass of Chaos Dwarfdom. Is this possible? A huge collage of armies, tiered in such a way to make them all seem like they are arranged for battle… or just display… These are some of my thoughts… I don’t know enough about photoshop myself, but would be willing to help coordinate such an effort if anyone else is interested!

Dawi Zharr Unite!


If one was so inclined to do this it would take lots of organizing. It means people would need similar lighting. Not just similar lighting levels, which you can correct a bit with Photoshop) but also lighting source. Uniform and seemingly directionless light source would help, but most folks are going to have an obvious source of lighting in their photos and that’ll kill the assembled image. If it’s just a left/right thing you could mirror image some pics… but then you’d also need similar camera angles, or at least an array of camera angles that work together for stitching. One would also want a nice uniform background that the models could be cropped from and then superimposed on a desolate landscape or such like.

Not impossible, but a crazy amount of work to look good. Maybe next Games Day in Illonois several N American members could bring their entire painted CD collections and we could stage something there :wink:



Yeah, nothing beats actually having them all together! It was just a thought… Good point about the lighting source… and I was trying to think about how the background would work…


The other difficult thing would be composing such a collage of photos. If we got 10 photos of 10 different armies, the only way to really lay it out, would be to “bind” the 10 photos side-by-side, which would mean you would get one VERY wide image, which isn’t a problem, but it would mean, that when it is uploaded onto the internet, you would probably need to use the horizontal scroll bar to see the photos.

Note: If you were talking about “superimposing” all the photos on top of one another to get a sense of depth, rather than width, that would be a very difficult task to do in photoshop, let alone doing it well or realistically.

But I would be happy to see this happen. :slight_smile:


This sounds like a very good idea but i think we would run in to problems that have already been mentioned, but i really like the concept :slight_smile:


Hard to do, but it would look awesome!


I have no idea to realise this idea … but I will do “everything” to make an appropriate photo! :slight_smile:

Imo it’s a great and worthy task! :cheers



If someone wants to do it and give an idot proof guide on how to take the photos (so everyone have there models on the same way on the photo), they I will send in some pictures of my models.


which would mean you would get one VERY wide image, which isn't a problem, but it would mean, that when it is uploaded onto the internet, you would probably need to use the horizontal scroll bar to see the photos.

That is what I was envisioning.. and endlessly scrolling to the right of unit upon unit of troops! The depth would be created by the positioning of troops for each person's photo...

So, we'd have to come up with a couple standards... like use a plain background and surface (so it can be cropped out) only set up your troops to a depth of 12 or 15 inches... if you have to go several pictures left or right it wouldn't matter as they'd all be stitched together anyway...

Take the photo from exactly the same distance in front and slightly above... So maybe 15 inches in front, 8 inches above, angled downward at exactly 33 degrees...

and then there's the light source to worry about as Nicodemus suggested...

holy... I think it'd doable though... it will take some doing.. maybe I'll experiment with a few programs and see what I can do with my own troops...

I was picturing one of those braveheart shots/lord of the rings shots where the camera pans across an amassed army atop some small hill looking down on a vast field of enemies... it will be good!


@ dncswlf: I think you have the right idea. Very logical thinking.

I think as long as the camera angle and distance is about the same for each photo and the background and base is the same colour in each photo, the rest should be photoshop-able.

Now, is going to be a ‘Painted Armies’ Only? and/or Big Hats mixed with Pre-Big Hats? Or should it be a mish-mash of whomever wants to join?


Imo all kind of Chaos Dwarfs should be photographed but only painted ones!



Yeah, I think only painted ones… maybe it’ll inspire others to finish up their projects! I started researching image merging in a variety of programs, I’m going to talk to the IT department at my work today… see if they can offer some insight…