[Archive] Massive 4th Edition Chaos Dwarf Army for sale


Hi folks,

I have a huge OOP Chaos Dwarf army of Big Hats that I have been thinking of selling. I collected this army over the span of about 2 years, and it breaks my heart to sell it. Models are in excellent condition, ranging from new in shrink wrap to assembled and painted to an above-tabletop standard in a bronze/green/purple scheme (will happily send pics). At this point I’m not looking to break up this army. If you’re interested in the army, please send me an offer. I’ll entertain all serious offers.

Included in the army are:

-NIB sorceror on lammasu

-NIB earthshaker cannon

-NIB sorceror on great taurus

-NIB chaos hellcannon ( the only non-4th ed model)

-2 hobgoblin bolt throwers (unassembled/unpainted)

-3 death rocket teams  (unassembled/unpainted)

- 6 additional chaos dwarfs from incomplete death rockets(use as unit fillers or what not)

The following models are painted:

- 20 chaos dwarfs with great weapons and full command

- 20 painted blunderbuss chaos dwarfs with full command,

- 7 painted bull centaurs with standard

- 30 primed great weapon chaos dwarfs including 2 sets of command. Also contains a few of the rare ‘unreleased’ chaos dwarf with great weapon

- 26 primed blunderbuss chaos dwarfs

I also have a bunch of extra bits to go with the army.

Also have the 4th ed. Army Book in excellent condition

I’m looking to sell the army at this point, but I also collect OOP models from the 1980-1990 period, and would be interested in Realm of Chaos models from this period (mostly Chaos Warriors and Daemons). Also interested in 1980-1990 Citadel Orcs, trolls and snotlings/pump wagons (got plenty of goblins). I know it’s a long shot but I’m also looking for Rogue Trader/Freebooter Space Orks.

I would also be happy to mix trade/sale.

Thanks for looking! :hat off