[Archive] massive army on ebay

hat fanatic:

well a chaos dwarf army just came out on eBay.
it’s in Australia (where i am from) and that is ALOT of hobgoblins.

there are also some very nice expensive units in there. i would definitely go for it… if only i had the money :sad

it’s under chaos dwarfs army

Pyro Stick:


1 warhammer army book in mint condtion

5 bull centaurs including 1 standard

2 hobgoblin spear units of 30 each, no command

1 unit blunderbusses of 12 no command

1 unit of chaos dwarf warriors 12 including full command

50 hobgoblin archers no command

1 chaos dwarf death rocket and crew

1 chaos dwarf earth shaker cannon and crew

1 chaos dwarf sorcerer lord riding Lammasu

1 chaos dwarf lord riding the Great taurus

1 Astracoth high priest of hashut

Plus 13 hobgoblin archers and 3 spear not assembled

Those are not proper hobgoblins. Hobgoblins arent plastic. The seller probably knows this and thats why there are no close ups of the hobgoblins


yeah, there the gobbos you get in the 5th edition boxed warhammer set, pretty crap models really, supose the archers with there funny hats could maybe pass as cheap hobbos but a silly price for the army considering the fact that half of it’s made of “hobbos”

hat fanatic:

thanks for telling me that they aren’t proper hobgoblins may have waisted some money. well alot.


What a bloody rip-off. I hate cheaters…

- Tallhat