[Archive] Massive Big Hats Chaos Dwarf Army For Sale


I’ll let the pics do the talking, just to note that both Earthshakers are missing the ammo carrier that the two dwarfs hold, one of the rocket launchers is missing a small wheel, and one of the Astrogoths is missing his back banner/exhaust! Also two of the Centaurs need their axe/banner pinning to their hands, easy fix.

Paypal cash only please :slight_smile:

25x blunderbuss
16x metal warriors
20x plastic warriors
2 x earthshakers and crew
1 complete death rocket
1 Death Rocket missing small wheel
3 xstandard bearers
4x champions
4x musicians
5x bull centaurs
1x sorceror on foot
2x hero on foot
1 complete Astrogoth
1 Astrogoth missing exhaust/banners
1 complete Lamassu and rider
1 Lamassu Sorceror rider
1 Bull Taurus hero rider


I’d prefer to sell them in as big a lot as possible but will split them up if people want individual bits.

Will post worldwide for genuine cost of postage (Including tracking and insurance) I am based in the UK so cost of postage from there.



Just found another complete unpainted Death Rocket and another Hero (The one with the axe pointing down) which are not pictured.

Had a few people ask, for the whole lot i’d be looking at offers around £400 including the new figures i’ve discovered, and Recorded First Class delivery in the UK (Overseas postage extra)



Also, will ship the whole lot in a Limited Edition Red “Warhammer” army case for no extra cost :slight_smile:


Sold most of this now, a few bits left are now on eBay





Cheers, Carl