[Archive] Massive Propane Depot Explosion and Fire in Toronto


In case you haven’t already heard, a massive explosion in Toronto occured Sunday morning at 3:50am. After the initial explosion, some people began to take videos of the fire. In the following video, at time index 1:50, you can see another explosion that is reminiscent of a nuclear blast.

Apparently all the windows in a several block radius had their windows blown out, and some people were even blown off their beds as the orange/white glow flooded the sky.

More info: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/08/10/propane-fire.html

This happened about 30km from my Mississauga home.

Knight Of Awsome:

I thought for a second that it was really far away then i saw the BIG flare and all i thought was… WoW! That must have been terrifying for some people…


yep, as a result of this, the busiest stretch of highway was shut down on Sunday as people returned from cottages, etc. the blast woke up a partner at my firm. I’m wondering if we’re going to get any work out of this :S

I was worried my best friend was going to be called into work. she’s a cop in the neighbouring division. :frowning: luckily, she wasn’t called in. :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Wow, turns night into day that one.

All the best to the family of the firefighter who died.


By Hashut’s fart! That was a big one!

Kera foehunter:

Well i did here anything said about that. well i live farther away so are local news only report cow tipping and stuff


Pretty crazy stuff… very glad I wasn’t in the area at this time.

In an interview on the news today people were returning to their homes, and some guy said that his entire house had a burnt-in odour of propane (or at the very least, the nasty stench they add to the odourless gas so you know its there).