[Archive] May WD?


Does anyone have this yet? If so does it have the Chaos Mrtals army list in it? I won’t buy it if it doesn’t but I need ths as the spikey ones are my main army


yes, it has that list in it,

they’ve found a way to make WD sell, put things people need to ahve in it


what in the one with the daemons on the cover , i thought it was in the issue after that one thats what the back of my magazine says.:h


Should be getting mine today. I’ll post commentary on it later. Anything you are specficly looking to know about AGPO?


I’m getting mine as soon as I see it in the shops. I’m also gonna pick up a blister of flesh hounds to use as sabretusks in my spawn chompers army before the old ones disappear


the mortal list is in the june wd not the may one with the daemons in it (according to the back)


This could well be their best selling White Dwarf in years.

There are a lot of people out there who have Chaos armies.


Are we talking about the US/Canadian one or the UK/Europe version?


UK/Europe but its alwys interesting to hear whats different in the US edition. Most of your content gets poached for us eventually. The Gnoblar army list was a great example

Kera foehunter:

well still waiting to see if you guys say it worth buying


I just got my MAy WD today(US).

It previews the daemons and stuff in it. No lists.

I thought the new chaos list was July?


I got it today and it doesn’t suck!!! There’ll be a new chaos list next month, I’m about half way through so I’m gonna go finish it now

Kera foehunter:

well i got my today . i thought the last month was as good . well im going to get the deamonetts would make some cool sea hags or mermaids for my cd army