[Archive] MBBL2 Bloodbowl ChaosDwarf's


So i play in a pbem bloodbowl league the http://www.midgardbb.com/MBBL2/ .

We have 89!!! races now, aswell as LRB4 style chaosdwarfs (those ones don’t have mutation access), and just added recently our 89th race which we’re calling BlackDwarfs a variety of chaosdwarf, they come with mutation access and boar centaurs instead of bullcentaurs.

Anyone interested in some bloodbowl madness, chaosdwarfy or otherwise, check out the site, extra help can be found in my personal bit of webspace my dugout http://www.titan.my-php.net.

So 89 different races, plus lost of other special rules, such as personalapoths, extraskills, on-pitch spellcasters etc. Theres no other bloodbowl league on the planet which as much variety.