[Archive] Me again looking advice


just a wee update on my army,ive ordered the forgworld models and golum from titan forge,im going to order heresy goblins once they are up and running again but my question is what do i use for khans,i like the thunderwolf model but what rider would look best on top of it


Bitz order goblin wolf rider legs, chop a Heresy Goblin in half and stick the torso to the GWR legs.


Using a heresy goblin will add some good coherency for the army. Use goblin wolf rider legs as Dinadan suggests. Og chop a storm vermin in half - they sit nicely on a wolf if you chop off their loin cloth.

Just pimp the heresy goblin with extra horns, spikes and skulls for the extra Khan Factor.

Thommy H:

Hobbit hunter orcs on fell wargs. Just swap the heads for Gnoblars’. Job done.


thats a great idea,ill do that with the heresy model …never occurred to me!!! awesome cant wait to get started with this project


those hobgoblin heads from the casting project will be available in the near future don’t forget


Yep, though I think colrud wanted more realism and less comedy on his Hobgoblins. Perhaps some future painted head samples could sway the opinion? :wink:


ah yeah I remember now !

Kera foehunter:

You might want to check out the gallery here to get an idea… and it might be time to journey to the world of green stuff and let your mind go