[Archive] Mega Seige


i would like to set up a MEGA SEIGE game as an event for my gaming club. im thinking 4 on 4, 1500/3000 points. to make it a little more fair, id allow 2 lords on the defenders side. im thinking the castle would be set up as 1 gate and 2 wall sections in front, with 4 towers. each side would be 2 wall sections and 3 towers.

any ideas on how i should go about running this?


Do not allow lords at all, even for the attacker.

Also, you might want to limit the number of war machines and the number of magic users on both sides.

Kera foehunter:

4 on 4 is great anymore you will be there all night… Rules rules rules make sure you go by the rules and go over them before you start… And have at least 3 refs.If not the game will drag. If it drags one side will get a turn ahead and then there chaos (in a bad way) i played where on team defends and one attacks the defender 3000 and the attacker 3800 .Then have adjectives so that it not just a points game .like hold the cassel or other parts of the boards terrain.The other problem if people dont show that stinks .What we also did is to give a hand out and see what army are being played .But done right it fun. we set up 4 tables and had the castle on the two middletables but put a city in front so that you cant charge the castel easly or a all shooting army don’t wipe out the attackers…If you get more than 4 people add a ref for every 2.But if you played together it will be better . hoped this helped



Try and make the game about troops, not uber characters. Make the players pick their lists in secret and make them as balanced as possible (no “You take minimum core and max out on warmachines and I’ll pick an absolute horde of vanilla goblins”). Every player should use their own general’s leadership and their spells should not be able to affect their allies. That way the game stays balanced.