[Archive] Mengel Khan's Slavedrive Gitflayers


Mengil Manhide Manflayers are one of the coolest RoR units in the game (and one of the most powerful too). As they can be sometimes better than bullcentaurs or another shaker (ya rly:h), I thought of using them in my CD army. However, dark elves don’t flufficaly fit in the Middle Dawi Zharr East. Thus I invented a great conversion idea - hobgoblin counterparts of Mengils and his fellas - Mengel Khan Slavedrive Gitflayers! I haven’t any plan of converting them yet, but still I wanted to share this with fellow Chaos Dwarfs here! Possibly, I’ll draw a few sketches today, I wonder about using sneaky gitz for the conversion (as gitz are useless for now).


The Flying Beaver:

How hobgoblins can perform at the level of a Dark Elf unit such as the Manflayers is beyond me, but this could be cool.

Pyro Stick:

Its an interesting idea. Would you convert the current hobgolbin wolfriders RoR? ITs an awesome anme as well.


Wolfboyz are unfortunately mounted, so can’t use them

first conver ideas

also, do you have any photos of the hobgoblin boss with his weapon held high? All my models are in my second place now, and he’s a perfect Mengel Khan


Looks cool to me! Can’t wait for some more shots. :slight_smile:

Traitor King:

Man, I love the name!

I recon it could work, its quite cool, but i agree with Beaver in a way…


I wonder how the Elves can perform at such a level, let alone Hobgoblins. Sounds like a good idea to me, most people seem to find them to be a very useful unit. I’ve always liked the idea of hobgobs with crossbows, much more fitting than bows.


Doesa anybody here have some photos of mengils’ cloaks? I’ve searched for them, and failed. :frowning:

Traitor King:


Thats the best i can do, and if you look, you will see that the cloaks are attacted to the bodies.