[Archive] Mercenary Army


Here is my Mercenaries army list. Not really finished, but the best part of it is there. The main aim was to be very flexible, which means there isn’t really an individual flavour to the army through the list - the player has to create one themselves. The original intent (which I’d been thinking about for over a year now) is at the end, so you can see how far I have deviated from it. It pretty much replaces DoW and most of the RoR, although that wasn’t the main aim, or at least gives players of that army (and many others) more selection. Got a Wood Elf army and an O&G army? Combined them into a giant Merc army to fight a common enemy, even if it does seem a bit weird.

The bits I am least happy about are mostly those I have the littlest experience with. Not really sure what to do about Lizardmen or Daemons. The Undead unit has a bit of an Achilles heel that needs to be fixed. The Unwashed solve some many problems but create lots of new ones. Might they be too good in a certain combo? I’m still split over the leadership values of the characters; will people only take those with the higher Ld? Seems to be the high S and T characters who have the lower Ld, except the human who has low Ld and is a poor fighter but at a low points cost. “human” still seems like an odd word to use, “man” worked better in some places but not all.

I’ll expand my reasoning as more of it becomes solid. I’m pleased with the result so far, but there is still work to do, especially with points costs. Spotting killer combos is tough. It’s just for fun really.


Imo the list looks quite nice and I like the idea of using a combination of serveral races! :hat off

But I think the list must have a special disadvantage!

This disadvantage could be that you can always only use one Lord character!

Imo that would make sense!

The mercenary troops are led by one charismaic leader - if this guy dies the troops have a real problem! :wink:

I like also the idea that every gamer has to create his own fluff cause I don’t like the DoW fluff really!

So all in all cool idea! :hat off