[Archive] Merry Christmas from the CDO Staff!


Its that time of year again, vote and possibly get your own slave for Christmas!

- Willmark

Special thanks to CDO member Mostyn for the Santa Orc picture.

Willmarks Apprentice:

Excellent idea!

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So, is this your way of saying that you’re not going to send me a bottle of Ice Wine for Christmas?


Its doesn’t work that way here, the community sends us stuff! :wink:

Kera foehunter:

i see the community sent you a Apprentice willmark

Kera shutter


Heh, every good (bad) Sith Lord has an Apprentice!


i dont have an apprentice… as a superhero i have a sidekick… hehe

Hashut’s Blessing:

What do I get then, Kera? :wink: P.S. I already own all the cake in existence (and out of it, oddly enough).


What do I get then, Kera? ;) P.S. I already own all the cake in existence (and out of it, oddly enough).

Hashut's Blessing
Now that is ironic...


Slaves? “Mum, I wanna more slaves! I wanna more slaveeeeeeees! Muuuuuuuum!” jumping up and down, crying like a dwarf-baby! :o


Hashut’s Blessing:

Dwarf-babies don’t know how to cry.


ho ho ho, Meeeeeeeeeeeerry Christmas! I love this time of year. :slight_smile:

but, I like where GRNDL’s head’s at… send the wine! woohoo!


I love Christmas, but this year, I’d just like to have enough to keep the house warm and the lights on. I’d like others to put aside their petty squables and I’d like something extra to put on the table to feed the kids. AFter that, it’s just more merriment.

I know, I’m simple, but in the end, it’s the season of giving. Take a look at those around you, neighbors, friends, family, that might not have much. Take some time and do something for them, even if it’s just saying hello and merry christmas. Or go the extra mile …

Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy new year… Happy holidays as well.

centauro enano:

jajaja that santa orc is great. Happy holidays to all :cheers:cheers:cheers


Happy Winter Solstice to All! :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mr. Xander, that’s precisely what I said to sojourn ealrier and she said we sonded alike, lolcano!

Happy Hanukah to the merriment of many a pixy-related spirit-time!


Is that the Orc-Santa from Foundry.

Kera foehunter:

happy candelmas!!!

well hb you such a nice guy i will let you walk the plank !!!

with out a sword in you back . how that

or i let you play with the sharks !! your choise

Hashut’s Blessing:

Can I not do both? I’ll let you join in?

Kera foehunter:

okay i will join in!!!* kera put sword to hb back and make him walk the plank*