[Archive] Merry Christmas from the CDO Staff!


I like that orc Santa!


merry x-mas every one

Hashut’s Blessing:

HB puts beard to Kera’s back Sorry, bit of cake there swiftly brushes it from her hair, catching it in his gobhole (not goblin hole!)

Sorry to all those not in on the action, but I’ll tell ya what: my gift to you will be allowing each of you to have a single fairy cake! How kind am I? :stuck_out_tongue:


Forgot to say, Merry Christmas!


This year is the year when i lost my christmas spirit…

Hashut’s Blessing:

May I be so bold as to ask why?


Merry X-mas my bearded bros and sistas! :wink:


And to those who have yet to grow a beard. :wink:


This year is the year when i lost my christmas spirit...

I'm expecting nothing less than the explanation scene in Gremlins


Merry winter people, dwarves, and beings of unspeakable evil.


Indeed Happy Christmahanukkwanzaa to all who celebrate, we’re all inclusive here at CDO.


HAPPY CRIMBO one and all :hat

Kera foehunter:

happy enslaving day!! to all

the first day of enslaving day you give presents of rum to all the girl pirates!!

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Am I that dum I made a thread saying Merry Christmas but I forgot about this thread :h I was wondering why nobody had made one but it was becuse of this :shy:

Oh well Merry Christmas to all you spiky, stunties

and let us prey to our overlord Khai…I mean Hashut :~

Hashut’s Blessing:

Enjoy tomorrow and get fat and merry!


I wish you all a happy Christmas and a happy new year!


Well, i just don’t find the same exitement in the coming of christmas as i used to.

I supose it has to do with one of them womenfolk…


Filipicusius, I’m going to get your Christmas Spirit back, even if you don’t want it! MWAHAHAHAAHHA! Such is the treachery of CryonicHeretic!

Merry Christmas ta all da ladz un lassez! Go 'ave yaselvez a rioght good 'un. ya hear? If ya don’t, Santa’s gunna bash froo da roof an smack ya rioght in da 'ead! Oi! and an 'Appy New Year!


CryonicHeretic@: Bring it on, vile spawn of momentary annoyance!

Kera foehunter:

I supose it has to do with one of them womenfolk…? said Filipicusius

so one of these woman folk made you her slave!!!