[Archive] Merry Christmas! (get your Christmas slave here!)


Seasons greetings, bearded kin.

To collect your Christmas slave (for cutting up Turkey and so forth) vote in this poll and you will be assigned a slave (from your caring CDO staff team :smiley: ).


A free slave!

Santa can always use some extra help this time of year :idea

Evil Fordy:

yes please can i have a slave


yes please can i have a slave

Evil Fordy
Why yes, young beardling.
All you need do is vote on the poll that you want one and a special Christmas slave will appear in your stocking.

It's a Christmas miracle ;)

Knight Of Awsome:

hmmm, a slave for doing nothing what a life…maybe i can make Santa hashut:hashut for 1000 more hahaha…haaaa…ha?

Lava Lord:

:mad I didn’t do very well in this last tourney. Maybe another slave will take me over the top for next time.

Oh, and Happy Holiday’s you’all.��:hat off


more slaves u got - better chaos chaos dwarf u are… and I asked santa chaos dwarf for some slaves :slight_smile:

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, New Years and else :hat off


Thank you for the slave. Maybe I’ll give a few away myself to get in the christmas spirit.


Even thou I wanted a Christmas slave, I voted No just to be different! :wink:

Kera foehunter:

Bearded kin??? *kera puts on fake beard and talks in a ruff voice.

Well i was kinda good this year.But since we are chaos dwarfs don’t we have to be bad to be good??


I would love a Christmas slave to help count my presents :hat


nothing like a chained elf to help with delicate tasks.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I was tempted to do the same Wilmark, then I thought loads of people had done it and I want my 1,000 mod-slaves :smiley: For, what is a mod without slaves? :smiley:

sings All I want for Christmas is my two more slaves!

Pyro Stick:

Lol wilmark is still the only one that voted no. Why would anyone vote no? Woooo Free Slave to help with my painting!


he is the uber king of uncool…

ill take his slave!


Lol wilmark is still the only one that voted no. Why would anyone vote no? Woooo Free Slave to help with my painting!

Pyro Stick
It's because Willmark got visited by three Slaves of Christmas, and they showed him the true meaning of Christmas :)

Actually I could use some slaves to help me with my gaming and after that with painting.


No slaves for me thanks i plan to pop to the north pole while santas delivering and enslave all his elf toymakers to finish painting my CD:P


watch out for santa’s earthshakers.


watch out for santa's earthshakers.

Not to mention his Bull Reindeer Lord


by the glowing nose of hashut! errm, rudolph.