[Archive] Merry Christmas! (get your Christmas slave here!)


I think this will be my first slave… I am very excited to get into the whipping and such… :hat off

Knight Of Awsome:

Lol wilmark is still the only one that voted no. Why would anyone vote no? Woooo Free Slave to help with my painting!

Pyro Stick
It's because Willmark got visited by three Slaves of Christmas, and they showed him the true meaning of Christmas :)

Actually I could use some slaves to help me with my gaming and after that with painting.

lol, he STILL dose not know the meaning of Christmas. he will get it soon whether he likes it or not:cheers @willmark::(


he is the uber king of uncool....

ill take his slave!

Have a slave for recognizing my uber Uncoolness! Bow before the Uncool one Mortal! MMMwwwaaahhaaaa :hashut

In all actuality it was just a crappy day...


i know how that goes.


Well I was going to vote no as I already have my one slave dressed up and ready to steal presents from young children:

But then I thought, you can never have too many slaves, and maybe I can send my second one to do the christmas shopping. that way I can get around to painting the chaos dwarfs I’ve had on my desk for the past three weeks.


Too funny! Have a slave for your efforts.


Christmas of Chaos Army: Nurgle

Great Unclean One: he’s fat and jolly. give him a santa hat, sling a sack of toys over his shoulder and he’s done.

chaos chariots: pulled by reindeer.

nurglings: santa’s little helpers.


Very funny, perfect for the holiers.


WOOHOO!! free slaves :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

sweet Dear: gobo santa do you want a leg for chirstmas.


Think he needs more then that. So the elves in the workshop are slaves after all??? Labor law violation methinks…

OT: “On post 1492 I sailed the ocean blue…” :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Hey i was good and did not spam in a month where"s my slaves sweety


Hey i was good and did not spam in a month where"s my slaves sweety

Kera foehunter
The slave system is still being worked on by Xander (and when I say "by Xander" I mean by the slaves in Xander's programming pit)

Kera foehunter:

slaves please !! xander slave fix it the system . MR WALLACER Bust a deal face the wheel.

Hashut’s Blessing:

No slaves. they were eated. By slaves! Then those slaves died of slave-cannibal-related illness! shifty eyes shifty eyes

I’m on topic. Honest.

[mumble under breath]I spoke of slaves.[/mumble under breath]