[Archive] Method's Big Hat era Chaos Dwarfs


Hello all,

I have been on this site for about 2 years (more a lurker than poster)

Finally I thought it was time to post Pictures of my Big Hat chaos dwarfs. (these guys were in a “Word of Hashut” Battle report :hat off)

Here they are

Total Army

Black Orcs



Sneaky Gits

Wolf Riders

Chaos dwarf Warriors

Army Contents

2 units of 21 Chaos dwarf warriors

2 units of 21 Blunderbusses

3 units of 10 hobgoblin wolf riders

1 unit of 15 black orcs

2 units of 6 bull centaurs

2 hordes of 41 hobgoblin warriors (or 4 units of 20)

1 unit of 21 sneaky gits

4 bolt throwers (NOT Big hat era, Goblin BT models…)

2 Death rockets

2 earthshakers

1 Hobgoblin lord on wolf

1 Chaos dwarf lord on Great Taursus

1 Chaos dwarf lord on foot

1 chaos dwarf hero on foot

1 chaos dwarf sorcerer

AND Astrogoth.

Unfortunately, as they were my first army … my painting skills have improved (i think they look pretty bad…)…so I am thinking about re-painting the entire force!!! GAAH!

That being said, I might be willing to trade multiple units (and/or cash!)

to get a unit of the unreleased chaos dwarf axemen!!! Damn those are hard to find!! :cheers

Anyway, figured I might share, as you might be looking at the worlds longest PLog very soon…

Take Care

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Blue in VT:

:cheers to you!

What an impressive force of Big hats…great to see them all painted up and ready for battle!



Da Crusha:

Nice collection!

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Impressive collection for sure!!! And it’s all painted up.

Tbh it would be a shame to strip them all and redo them. I’d invest in some Gw inks, might just do the job.


Wow, impressive! Looks great as well… :slight_smile:


Impressive collection for sure!!!! And it's all painted up.
Tbh it would be a shame to strip them all and redo them. I'd invest in some Gw inks, might just do the job.

Yea, it would be, BUT the problem lies, where i tried different techniques on some of them, (like dipping) and did a bad job of it.
I might try on one of my spare guys, to touch him up and see if it can be applied across the model, unfortunately however, all the models have a glossy coat, so i don't know if that would work....
any ideas? you are right i would rather fix them then repaint all 250+ models...


Very nice army Method, great to see so many big hats in one place :slight_smile:


very impressive army! nice job :hat off


Thats a largest asortment of DOW Wolfriders ive seen… For now!


Yea, I am a Big fan of the Mongols (eastern asian studies undergrad)

So I made the Mourngols that live in the plains north east of the dark lands. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very nice army you collected and painted there! :hat off

How many points can you field (with the RH rules) ?



i think it’s only about 4000pts with the ravening hordes list (magic items included).

The Chaos Dwarfs get quite a few point breaks on that list.

If we are just talking about bare bones troops, I could fit every model in a 3000 point battle. (imagine the enemy’s look facing that down!)

But the units would probably get smashed. I would use the old 6th edition tactics of the maniple formation, with 4 units of 20 hobgobs)

(or 8 units of 10) and grind through combat rez… Not sure that would work in 8th however… more likely I would cause the greatest massacre of Chaos dwarfs since that “white dwarf presents” army book we got… phew. x.x


Well if you don’t want them I know this Irish guy that would :smiley:


Need to have some tighter, high rez photos here…


Need to have some tighter, high rez photos here...

I would but I am kinda of embarassed of the paint job...:sick
Maybe I can get them up later this week.
So to remove a glossy over coat, you think I'd have to strip he whole model? I am guessing so unforunately....


Embarassed of the paint job?

I’d kill to be able to paint that well, especially with those models to paint on (I’d also kill to have that army, it’s amazing)