[Archive] MeuhMeuh's dark side beards, it begins!


Hey guys !

As I somewhat explained in the presentation post, I’m on my way to start a chaos dwarf army. I am still debating on wich model I will use (Forgeworld are out of the question because as a student, I just can’t afford them).

I am already a dwarf player, so I still have some unpainted models wich will be a good start.

I have an order of 20 Avatar of war slayers, and 20GW Ironbreakers coming, and I plan to convert the Ironbreakers in chaos dwarves to start my army :slight_smile:

Here is the only model painted so far, it was a tryout to find the colours of the army, and I’m pleased with the result (it lacks the last touch of painting I’ve done, mostly including yellow in the lava and fire). I plan tu use some cork to modelize the rocks around the lava of the base.

Daemonsmith (fire lore)


Nice start. Interesting approach to use the vanilla dwarfs. I like the colors.

Do you unbase him when doing the rocks? I recommend completing the structure of the base before putting the model.

Looking forward to further additions to your force

:hat off


A very nice start indeed, he looks great. Not to sure about the base…, it seems to need some work. Maybe some stone/tuft of some sort… Lava on flat surfaces dont look that great imo


Thanks for the comments !

Yep, about the base, it’s planned already to add some rocks around the lava flow. I just don’t what I need yet ! :slight_smile:


Most important thing is that YOU are satisfied with your bases.

A sufficient base will however significantly enhance the look of the model. The dwarf will look level with the lava if you just put rocks around the painted lava (“sunken feet syndrom”). Thats easy to fix at the moment with one model but no so easy when 40 warriors are based ;-). <br>If you take a look at some army blogs youll find a lot of inspiration.


Nice choice of colours. I like the cloth on his back and his hammer. He doesn’t look much like chaos dwarf to me - but more like a dwarf fallen to the dark side. I like that look.

For my lava bases I just used sand on the base. This creates enough height that the lava doesn’t look flat anymore. And it won’t make the models look sunken into the dirt either. Easy, fast and cheap. You can check it out in my blog (see signiature for link).

How have you made the flames? Green stuff? If o, try getting the top sharper next time. When the above was cured completely, you could ad poits in a second go.

Looking forward to seeing iron braker CDs - not too many around yet. And slayers!