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Mike Newman:

I’ve just started a new blog series over on the Golem Blog about my Chaos Dwarf.

Its only the initial post, a brief history of where I am coming from, inspiration (Ratarsed) and my first test piece, but I plan for it to grow quickly over the next few weeks and months with the rest of my army.

check it out.

and for those who just like pretty pics - heres the test model - i’ll be cross posting all the pics here as I go.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Absolutely love that retro paintstyle!!! Retro but with a modern flair!!! A whole CD army painted like that would look nothing short than epic!


I like the inmaculateness of you paint work.


Very nice little dwarf you’ve painted up there. Looking forward to see more.

Kera foehunter:

What a great first post :slight_smile: Nice chaos dwarf and let me Welcome you to the site Mike


Very nice indeed!

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amazing! longing to see the whole army!

Time of Madness:

Love the beard! Can’t wait to see more.

Time of Madness

Mike Newman:

Cheers guys! Made me feel very welcome.

Next blog post will be up next week


Top notch painting, look forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

Blue in VT:

I like it alot! Bright colors are close to my heart. The only thing I’m not sure about is the "guy liner"



Mike Newman:

Part two of the Chaos Dwarf series is up now, where I talk about my thoughts behind my first army list.

Along with pics of the Infernal Guard unit

What do you think?


How the hell have you managed to paint a unit at that level in just a week? Speechless. And excellent work. Are you going to do something with the movement tray? And will your dwarfs have shields?


Epic, the unit is Epic. I concur with skink on the movement tray. I am not much of a fan of paying lots of attention to bases and trays, but seeing the great work you already did with the bases, taking it a little farther and customizing the tray would make them just perfect. Cheers!

Lava Lord:

:hat off Welcome. The first pic is awesome, but can’t see the other. Any suggestions as to why? I would like to see them… :hat off


:hat off  Welcome.  The first pic is awesome, but can't see the other.  Any suggestions as to why?  I would like to see them..  :hat off

Lava Lord
Check out his blog.


Nice unit, aye.

I miss a little more work in the bases: the lave is cool, but not the rock… I do not know why (maybe is the pic) but I cannot feel the drybrush on them.


I couldn’t recommend Golem more, They are fantastic easily the best painting studio out there.


In a week’s spare time I managed to finish two Chaos Dwarfs. and fill in some gaps on a friend of mine’s Bull Centaurs. This was relatively fast, for me. Well done, sir! Your painting is fast and to the point. Your version of the tawdry oldschool colour scheme is superior in every way.


Mike Newman
Awesome hats, i would like to know how you made them. and nice paint job btw