[Archive] Mine Pit Madness!

The Flying Beaver:

In the thousands of pits of the Mines of Gorgoth, countless slaves of almost every race imaginable in the world toild endlessly, hauling up more and more riches for the Chaos Dwarf Industrial Complex. But, because the Dawi’Zharr are so vastly outnumbered by their slaves, they rely on hobgoblin servants to keep order. Though the hobgoblins are usually content to merely bully their slaves, every now and then some will get too obsessed with their superior position and start murdering slaves. This, of course, upsets their Chaos Dwarf masters…

In this scenario, some hobgoblins among a slave team have been taking advantage of an unfortunate situation. This particular group of slaves has been living in darkness for so long that they’re almost completely blind. It is little trouble for the nasty greenskins to have some murderous fun while the slaves sleep. The Chaos Dwarf overseer wants to keep as many slaves as he can, but since these slaves are getting old, he figures he might as well have some fun with it.

“Alright, you stinking maggots!” the overseer yelled. "I don’t need to remind you that some hobgoblins have been killing you at night. Since you can’t see, I’m going to have a laugh. Every day, you will try and determine which of your comrades the hobgoblins are by a vote. If a majority is in favour of one person, it will be lynched. You may vote to abstain, and if a majority of you vote to do this, no lynching will occur. Your goal is to pay attention to any clues and lynch all the hobgoblins before they kill all of you. Got it?"

There are two phases to this game: Day and Night. During the day, players may discuss amongst one another and vote to lynch a player. The phase ends when a player has been lynched. If no majority is reached and time is taking too long, a deadline may be set. At night, nobody may make posts. Hobgoblins and Sneaky Gits may perform their actions by sending me a PM. After that, fluff will be posted along with new clues, and Day Phase begins again. This game uses a small degree of roleplaying, so try and stay in character whenever possible.

The roles have been sent out. DO NOT REVEAL YOUR ROLE!

Alright then, The overseer said. You don’t have any clues as to who the hobgoblins are yet, so start mingling. Tell us a bit about yourself! Remember that you’ve gotta vote every day. You can vote for a player, like this:

Vote: [player]

Or, if you don’t think anyone should be lynched, you may abstain, like this:

Vote: Abstain

Note that abstain votes only count if over 50% of the players involved vote to abstain. Merely having more votes for abstaining then for a certain player will not suffice. For example, say there’s 11 players. 5 vote to abstain, 4 vote for player A, and 2 vote for player B. In this scenario, Player A will be lynched, because the abstantions do not form a majority. However, if a sixth player had voted to abstain, no lynching would occur.

Good luck and have fun!


“Well then, cough, my name’s cough, Dracomancer, and I hope we cough catch the murderers soon splutter, urgh, these mines sure ain’t good for the wheeze lungs.”

stops talking, but coughs occasionally


I’m Hammerhand. Yes you can stop looking at it, that is how I got my name. Yep, birng it on Draco, let’s get a krackin’ with the knackin’

Uzkul Werit:

eyes up Draco shiftly

Yup, he certainly looks shifty to me. Bet he fights like a Western traitor too.


I can’t eye up Draco … im blind :(, im going to support groups the slavers put on outside of mining time, just before the taunting and cruelty hour, but im not quite adjusted yet


Can we have a list of players.

Until then:

Vote: Dracomancer

Prove your innocence.


I can’t prove it, but I think Uzkul Werit stole my money and ate my family!

I vote for him

The Flying Beaver:

For the record here: You’re slaves, and can be any race you want with one exception: You are NOT a Chaos Dwarf. Hence, Uzkul, the term “western traitors” wouldn’t be heard. Sorry for not clarifying this at the start.

Second of all, ChaosStunty, you must end your post with:

Vote: [Player]
For it to be counted. I need to be able to quickly tally up votes, and I can’t do that if I have to investigate every post. if you want to change your vote later on, you MAY do this. Simply enter into a new post “Unvote: [player]” and enter your new vote, if you have one.

Finally, at CountArach’s request:

1. CountArach
2. bandnerd1892
3. Ghrask Dragh
4. Servius
5. Dracomancer
6. Thommy H
7. catbarf
8. Uzkul Werit
9. minty
10. grom
11.The Slaver
12. Hammerhand
13. Duckass
14. ChaosStunty
15. Nehan
16. Pyro Stick
17. Kobarf


I’m catbarf. Don’t ask about my name.

Vote: Count Arch

Voting to kill someone this early seems suspicious…

The Slaver:

A chained and beaten figure shuffles forward and groans…“ughh…this darkness…this air…curshing me…” He looks rather deranged incase you didn’t notice.

Vote: Abstain


I’m bandnerd1892, I like chicken… I also like lynching hobbos!

Vote: Hammerhand

Sorry, completely random… and you look suspicious…:stuck_out_tongue:


“Prove my cough innocent, CountArach? Well, thats kind of difficult considering nothing has cough happened yet, all I can give you is my word, that I am cough not one of the murderers, nor am I the sort of person who wheeze chooses to randomly lynch potential innocents, nothing can be proven at the moment so I cough vote: Abstain

Uzkul Werit:

That coughin’ is really buggin’ me.

Vote: Dracomancer


I'm catbarf. Don't ask about my name.

Vote: Count Arch

Voting to kill someone this early seems suspicious...

Explain to me when it becomes okay to kill someone? The only way that we will be able to find a Hobgoblin is by voting and creating conversation. We can not simply rely on hints in the fluff. That wouldn't be a proper Mafia game (And is the reason that my games on the Herdstone do not contain fluff).

Alright, Dracomancer, you are cleared.

Unvote: Dracomancer
Vote: minty

What about you minty? Can you show me that you are innocent?

Ghrask Dragh:

Couphin’ is buggin’ me to, don’t trust it…

Voting to kill someone that early does seem suspicious…

bandnerd1892 where do you get chicken down here eh? that sounds like hobgoblin spoils to me!!

For now

Vote: bandnerd1892


uuurrrghh, I can smell :h

vote: bandnerd1892

Willingly lynching innocents on a random whim from the way they look? How quickly you turn on us all.


Unvote: Count Arch

Vote: Abstain


Vote: Abstain My ropes holding my trousers up:o, don’t want to use it yet



Vote: Uzkul Werit

Uzkul Werit:

ChaosStunty smells like he ain’t up to no good. Come to think of it, he looks rather green too …

My previous vote still stands though. I’m nice like that.