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Hey ho :hat off
following Kera’s Thread here https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/8093 … i did the start, because… it’s my turn ^^. no, it’s because i made this mini a few weeks before i began to build chaos dwarfs and don’t have time for anything else (:)) and i just didn’t paint it. no i did, look:

okay, it doesn’t look THAT much like me, i’m painted better (i have to practise a lot after i didn’t hold a brush for allmost 6 months) and i hope i don’t look that nerdy :smiley:
here is something to compare(damit, you can’t sse my lipring on the photo and on the mini it doesn’t look like a piercing…:mad):

and now… where are your look-alike-minis, heh? ^^

Knight Of Awsome:

nice dreads! your going to have to show me how to get some like that.

so, now im going to have to make a look-a-like modle too, lets see… cant be a dwarf, im too tall… aw hell im going to come up with something!


I love that hand cannon he’s holding. The Dirty Harry of Hobgoblins (I think)


He’s awesome! Gotta love the dreads.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good job. I wouldn;t say acurate, but that’s because it’d be a slight worry if it were (I.E. You’re not a goblin/grot, he he he). Otherwise, very cool! I only realised it was metal because you said (at first, I thought it was a tooth with flash on). What does pique my curiosity, is the rusty blade the REAL you is holding…

Kera foehunter:

Omg!!!the only diffrents is your mini wearing a loin cloth.Great job Snotling.

is that a challenge???


Omg!!!!!the only diffrents is your mini wearing a loin cloth.Great job Snotling.
is that a challenge?????

Kera foehunter
and i am wearing a t-shirt ^^. this is no challenge, not really. it is like i told, more a kind of a community-project (but only if you join it... right now it is a snotling-project :))... or a movement... The Mini-Community, which forum has something like this? :cheers
so get up, make a mini alter-ego of yourself, take two pics and post it here... or make another mini of me, i don't care, i just want to see minis ^^

and yep, this is my very own rusty machete... my beloved tressure from the Wizard Beach in Panama... i think it has supreme magical powers... i send it as a mail from panama at home, for 10$ and it didn't get lost... it has to be magic :~

Kera foehunter:

Well  let the movment start KERA STRIKES BACK


hehe, this looks so cool and you have been really fast, you sculpted a whole mini! respect! :hat off

but you are not just green, right? :sick

i really thank you for joining my movement, you are good example for the others… and you are a dwarf! how cool ^^

Kera foehunter:

NO im a pirate dwarf !!! he he you can tell by the parrot! i still have to do the stand. I might make her on a tresure chest with gold pieces around the bottom.


wow wow wow. great GS sculpt there Kera!

and Snot, pretty impressive! I imagine you took the photo AFTER you sculpted the mini?


and Snot, pretty impressive! I imagine you took the photo AFTER you sculpted the mini?

yep, the mini is allmost two years old and i made the photo after i painted him


Ive been brewing idea’s for my model all day and intend to start it as soon as i sober up, could take a while though :frowning:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Wow, Kera. That is an incredible sculpt and I didn’t realise your skills were that good (no offense). (P.S. Parrot is on the way…) I knew you were a pirate, but I never knew you were a dwarf. Your photo in the “what ya look like” thread would suggest more half-elven, but I guess your aforementioned height makes you liable for Dwarfdom. Welcome to the clan :wink:

Kera foehunter:

Half elf yea right!! Lol 5" tall is standard elf size .Well i learn some more cool green stuff skill even from these figures .The power is strong in this one!! Kera using her WILLMARKS Voice


“You have learned much, but you are not a Jedi yet”.

Hashut’s Blessing:

“Young padawan, still you are… Full creation of implement of the Force must you make.”