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so i have found that i enjoy a good mini-series much more so than normal shows. that is with exeption to the History Channel, as their series are great. ones i am a fan of are:

Firefly (mini series serenity is based on)

Band of Brothers



Tales of the Gun

also, a while back i remember hearing something about a channel making “A Song of Fire and Ice” miniseries, based off george rr martin’s book series. anyone know if this ever happened?


What is the difference between a mini-series and a normal show? The number of episodes? Or the way it ends?

Firefly was meant to be a full season, but was cancelled half-way through and is still longer than a full season of shows in the UK!


well, a miniseries as i define it is usually a shorter number of episodes, like 6-15. the series also usually ends after one season, or an intended short run of just a couple seasons, intentionally so. firefly is different as sci-fi pulled it after some dispute. for example, band of brothers is i beleive 6 or 8 one hour episodes. idk, i guess im really just interested in finding out about song of fire and ice.


Actually iirc Firefly was cancelled by Fox, to make way for some new crappy reality show and/or offensive sit-com. Man I hate Fox. I haven’t heard anything about a George RR Martin mini series, that could be interesting but I fear that it could be a really ham-fisted Sci-Fi channel-type affair. If HBO did it, and it turned out like Rome, it could be awesome - but I’m concerned about having my enjoyment of the books tarnished by bad writing/acting/casting/cgi. Also, so much happens in those books that I dunno how a tv adaptation would be feasible.


if anyone can scratch the surface and do a near decent job, it’s HBO.


If anybody heres from britain, anybody watch torchwood when it was on?

Kera foehunter:

dead wood like what was on hbo??


that’s the one.


I’ve been through the actual town of Deadwood. Not much to do there beyond gambling.

Kera foehunter:

Sweet me too .Then we went to the devil tower.Deadwood was to much hollywood for me.