[Archive] Mini warmaster terrain contest anyone?


Tarrakk was reminding me about our specialist games and terrain galleries, and it got me thinking that a quick competition could be fun.

I have no intention of ever collecting a warmaster army of any sort, but a simple piece of chaos dwarf related terrain would take all of a few days to make, and half an hour or so to paint.  Seeing as Man O War is roughly similar in scale (I think) you could do a sea based entry if you wanted.

Anyone interested?

No medals or prizes, just that feel good factor of taking part!

We could say no larger than roughly 100mm square (to keep things fairly even), no maximum height. 2 weeks to enter, then a public poll to decide.

The Hammer of Hashut would be a good idea.


A curious idea, to be sure. A similar theme would be a Mighty Empires campaign hex tile… Those might get a bit more use. One could even extend the idea into actually making a Campaign map using the hex tiles we make for an Official Chaos Dwarf Online Chaos Dwarf campaign to run during summer or something…

One wonders if there are Chaos Dwarf Warmaster armies to go with your idea?


There are if you convert dwarfs :slight_smile:

Warmaster Chaos Dwarf rules would be an interesting read.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Grim, I’d be up for it if we did them on the 24" Styrofoam Squares. That way I have something for my Wargame Tables at the store.

We also need pictures in that thread, by the way.

Actually…what’s Warmaster? I thought of just doing this in regular Fantasy Battles size.


Warmaster is “epic scale” which means extremely tiny - a human is about 4 mm tall or something. Its that small so you can have absolutely huge battles. 24" is rather large for Warmaster. :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Ah…that’s that really tiny stuff in the back of my (Not so current) 2008 GW catalogue. Wish I had some $$$ to upgrade to the 2009 edition.

Pyro Stick:

I would take part in this. ive got a hell of a lot of foam board so it will be easy for me to make a small piece of chaos dwarf terrain, especially with my hot knife cutter.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I think I’m going to have to pass on this as I don’t know what the Epic scale is. Also, I don’t carry it in my hobby store.


Warmaster is "epic scale" which means extremely tiny - a human is about 4 mm tall or something.  Its that small so you can have absolutely huge battles. 24" is rather large for Warmaster. :)

Warmaster is 10mm scale, whereas "Epic" scale is 6mm (1:285, I think, though it may be 1:300).

Strictly speaking, 10mm is a pretty strange scale wargaming-wise, considering that standard historical basing is either in a standardized 25mm (currently gaining popularity) or a standardized 15mm basing scheme. 6mm scale lends itself well towards the more traditional 15mm basing scheme than does 10mm. There aren't too many figure manufacturers in 10mm scale either (GW probably represents almost all fantasy 10mm in production).

That being said, I was building a 6mm Chaos Dwarf (Marauder style) force for Fantarmati (fantasy mod for Arty Conliffe's Armati 2nd Edition). Then I got re-introduced to the joys of 28mm CDs by this site.

Kera foehunter:

well i might get in to it just need to see what are chorses are!!