[Archive] Miniature identification help - a Barbarian


Anyone knows what miniature is used for this conversion.

It’s the beast handler from Jeff MacLeod’s (Scotish ETC 2010) dark elf army. It has a excellent pose - and I would like this for my chaos army.

I have asked Jeff about it, but he can’t remember - as he has bought a lot of different Barbarians for his army. Many of them are from Reaper’s - but I dont think this one is.

Anyone here, that reckons this two sword handed metal miniature

Da Crusha:

looks like he used the second head here


the body… I have no idea.


Looks like this model from Masquerade Minis:



I just had a quick look at the Masquerade Miniatures homepage - I’m afraid that they don’t sell the babarian anymore.

At least I’m not able to find the mini on the webside!



Yeah, its out of stock on CMON as well. Might be a search, but at least identifying the model is a step in the right direction. Ebay perhaps?


Yeah, heads are Maxmini heads, al right - have rather a few of them laying around.

It’s the miniature I’m after - so thanks GRNDL - knew someone would recognize it.

Ebay then :~