[Archive] Minor Gallery Updates



Added some text links in the gallery section. I also updated Snotling’s gallery with his Blunderbusses and included a link to Ishkur’s website in his blurb while adding some more pics to his page.

If you haven’t seen Snotling’s Blunderbusses, I suggest you check out his Army Gallery pronto.

Cheers, :cheers


yay :hat off

i would suggest, to add thumbnails in the galleries. for example a small pic of Ishkurs earthshaker (i love it :cheers) and when you click on it, you see all pics of it. would look better and… cleaner ^^… if you know, what i mean…

just my opinion

nice work, Xander, you’re the man :hat off


Thumbnails are possible, personally I like to be able to just scroll through pics without having to click to open a link, hit back, then clicking again.

Thumbnails also mean I have to make smaller versions of every pic… or find some funky code like Wikis use.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I actually use thumbnails on my website so these would be available. But I agree with Xander that the gallery should be full with big pictures that can be viewed with the least (clicking) effort. :wink: