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hello all, I finnaly got a digicam and have decided to share a few of my pictures with y’all. This is what remains of my stuff after lots of distasters managed to ruin everything (mother nature ates me, as does fate, destiny and every clestial being I think)


first up is my hero, he was origonaly going to represent Lord Draski but, well, he dosen’t look like a pirate. He ahsdyed his beard purple as a mark of respect.


He’s the basicdwarf hero ith a pistol and axe, but I sculpted on scaled over the chainmail, and I cliped of the pistol for a shield. The mask is a maurauder shoulder pad


as you can see, it’s just a maurauder shield, I love this shield tough, it looks awesome and it’s a great item. though my painting dosen’t do it justice.


well, as you can see, he has the rune of hashut painted on his back, to show his faith, in gold to show he’s rich


2nd is my champion, he’s not that good of a conversion and the beards a bit Cr*p. I’m not that proud but he was my first ever conversion attempt


finnaly, I have my first desgn thingy, it’s my first attempt at sculpting, can you guess what it is?

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Hi minty. I think that they are good first attempts but IMO you need to limit your palette a little bit, I think there are too many colours going on. Also with the rune on his cape I recommend that you start with a basecoat of black and then build it up to gold as the gold paint doesn’t give very good coverage by itself.

Overall I admire your creativity, best of luck with the taurus.

edit is that a High Elf dragon in the backround? tut tut!


ummmm, nope, it’s a dark elf dragon:)high elves suck (well not realy, I play them, but dark elves are better)

thanks for the comment, I guess I do need to limit my pallete but t’s just so hard, I like all those colours

the rune was a lastminute thing, I think, so it dosen’t look very good. :)Ah well, I like my hero


I guess I do need to limit my pallete but t's just so hard, I like all those colours
Yeah, there are some really nice colours out there that are sometimes too good to leave at home. I just think that it's a little too busy, that if you concentrated on two complementary colours it would look better. Just my 2 cents.
ummmm, nope, it's a dark elf dragonhigh elves suck (well not realy, I play them, but dark elves are better)
Ha. I'm really looking forward to the new Dark Elf book, should be a cracker. The new cold one is nice although it still doesn't compare to the Gamezone ones.


Great pose of the CD hero awesome stuff.

High Elves do NOT suck. Their forums do, but that is another matter all together. :wink:

Kera foehunter:

sweeeeeeeeeeeeet i like your green stuff. Attack of the lima bean!!!

is that going to be a taurus or a bullcentaur?


hehehe, yeah gSing isn’t realmy my strong point. It’s gonna be a bull centaur, as if you look at the front veiw (where the camera decided t focus on my hero:~) it’s the samme size as the dwarf. I’ve actualy bulked out the legs and added hoves now, but since I have torent the camrea gonna do more work before I take more pics

pluss, I have begun work on my admiral, hehehe, plasticard pirate hat:)

Kera foehunter:

Admiral!!!well let see him sweety. So i can shanghi him to my ship.


ummm, begun work on him, he’s no where near finished yet unfortunatly

also, why would he go to your ship, my oirates have taste:P

Kera foehunter:

i’m sorry i think your terms are called pressboard.(hijacked)

So is he going to be all green stuff

or converted??


well, A week later than I had hoped due to lack of GS and cameras. I haven’t realy done much, just done a bit more on my BC realy, but I did win a miners box last week which are being put to good use

BC side

BC other side

the main thing that has been done is the legs have been bulked out, I’m getting more GS tommorow so progress should speed up a bit

Here are the beginings of my other BCs

a head with the begining of sculpting started, it’s not so good and he pic is realy unfocused.

and the begining of a chaos dwarf with great weapon. He is going to have a chainsaw and work as the champ for my GW unit

Kera foehunter:

great green stuff minty !! that’s a cool man half of the bullcentaur!


haha, I finnaly managed to do something right, I have done the command group for my GW unit…the only unit that will be Games workshop plastics (not promosing the metals, they are awesomes)

The beards are stolen from Bass’s ogres, or the method since a freind on warhammer world shew me the link to it, so without firther adiue

the champ

This guy I like, alot. His weapon is cool, and he has a nose and gogles on his mask (can’t realy be seen on bad pic) he also has a much better beard that the first try before. Oh, and he has a real +2 strength weapon:). He also has a piarate bandana, to mark his status as a champion

The musician

After a tragic accident involving a craftknie, the arm I was palanning on suing for the mucican was destroyed from the wrist down, so I stuck on a hook from the maurauder flails. This is the best beard I have done yet

and finnaly:

The standard bearer

This guy had an awesome mask, but I cut of a bit to much head and it ended up covered by a pole. he has a sashimono back banner like the dawi zharr of old

Kera foehunter:

nice saw guy minty


Well I finnaly managed to get a full unit converted, my great weapon unit:) here they are, in all there dawi zharr glory. I am very happy with how they turned out.

the champion, musician and one warrior, who have had a bit of painting done. My paint work still needs alot of improvement however

next up is three of the guys

and another three

and finnaly a group shot of the bunch…

there y’all go


This unit is coming together nicely. Its quite unique and has a very dynamic look. I think that the chainsaw might need some “chaos-ing up”, more steampunky so it doesn’t look so futuristic. Maybe sculpt a mouth/ring of teeth around the base of the chainsaw blade so it looks like the blade is a tongue or something?

I didn’t think pirates were becoming THAT popular… How long before I have to commit to making a pirate CD, I wonder?


if you must know, i was making a prate army 7 months before Kera shew up, so it’s actualy my idea:) but pirates are awesome

thanks for the compliment, I guess I do need to work on my chainsaw, and will do so soon:)

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s looking good. I am not sure why I hadn’t actually posted in this thread before. I keep checking back, eager to see the progress. The paint scheme seems to be good so far. I think you may need to mix (LITERALLY) a drop or two of water into your paintpots as it seems the paint is a little blotchy or too thick. This will improve the quality greatly. The unit looks great, I especially love the weapons (in particular, the one behind the unit champion and the one on the back right in the last picture). As for the pirate theme, will you be wanting parrots?


looking good so far

Kera foehunter:

Great job minty!!!those are some cool weaponds