[Archive] Missed Golden Hat Entry (CD Megadon Gateway Gun!)


Here’s my late, unfinished, entry for the warmachine Golden Hat. I obviously don’t expect it to be in the voting cycle.

OK it’s a WIP (albiet mostly complete!)… For now I just show you the pictures… I’ll tell you some details about how it’s supposed to work, where the parts are from, and how I made it later on…

behold… The Chaos Dwarf MEGADON GATEWAY GUN


That looks fantastic - shame you didnt finish it to get it into GH but a cool model anyway - whihc i am sure will look even better painted up


Its really cool and good looking model, thou Im not sure the mount(stegadon) i CD enough for my taste. I keep getting images of jungle and frogs in bright colors in my head. :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm… I thought the head did the trick… It’s a (dragon?) skull from the Giant sprue. Supposed to represent the Daemon possession within the steg.


:o thats awsome!

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it looks awesome

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Awesome, Nick - now get this beat painted, please :smiley:


not to sound like a broken record but that is one awesome model :slight_smile:


Maybe if you did something to the tail as well… Is a great conversion anyhow! :slight_smile:


hmm... I thought that the skull-head did the trick...
Supposed to be a Daemon-thing within the steg.

Had you phrased it like that, it would almost sound gangster-rappy.

Awsome model by the way... Is that sand the portal is made of?


- Kyte


Very nice,definately worth painting :hat off Thats quite an assortment of bits ,where is the demonic head above the canon from? is that also 40k :hat

Edit. oh i see now its a dragonhead cool :smiley:

Edit 2 no ist not:o


It’s a shame this didn’t make the contest. it looks like you put alot of time adn work into and like many others have said, it’s an awesome looking model. Keep us updated on the progress, I’d love to see how it turns out.


wow,thats a cool conversion

a shame you didnt finished it in time,could be a top ten candidate

Pyro Stick:

I would most likely have voted for that to be in the top ten if you had finished it in time. Its a very interesting idea and an awesome looking model. Cant wait to see it painted up.


I like the conversion - its radical, ambitious and well done. To address the concerns of “its not CD enough” painting will perhaps take care of that. If the Stegadon is an imprisioned daemon, perhaps that could be implied by painting it with unnatural colours - such as making it seem to glow from within, or is on fire, or painting binding sigils across its skin. I think it would be easy to match theme with CD.

Its nice to see someone thinking outside the box.


Should have started work on this earlier Dude!


Ya, painting this guy like Ishkur’s Taurus, with cracked lava for his scales, would have been awesome. :slight_smile:


Brilliant …

nothing more to say!!! :hat off


Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’m speachless. This is one killer model. Like the others have said, I can’t wait to see it painted!

Kera foehunter:

come on something that cool where the slave girls??

great job to bad you did get it done in time