[Archive] Mixed armour?


If you had a free choice to buy any sort of CD warriors (at the same price), would you want a mix of armour types in the same regiment?

These are all scale mail, but different shapes:

Curved bottom scales (like the high elves)




Diamond shaped



Elongated diamonds

square scales

Ones like this where every tile has a ridge down the middle and only overlaps in straight lines (overlapping only on the one below it, not the ones next to it)

l^l^l^l^l^l         or the other way round, with the points facing down.



Or would you only prefer one type?

Border Reiver:

Honestly, I would prefer the type with the reinforcing ridge, but with the rows offset (sort of like the metal ones from 5th ed).

A mix of styles would be acceptable, but I’d want to see pics before commiting.

Kera foehunter:

i would !!if they are the core troops

but not as much as the elite troups


I think rank and file should have armour consistency unless they are a horde or rag-tag army. I see CD’s as highly organized and very image conscious, so would have good looking, consistent armour within a unit. Maybe an exception for Command/Champs. Their armour would be the same, but they’d embellish themselves - beard ornaments, etc. to demonstrate their individuality without compromising the “grooming standard.”


I think that a whole unit should have the same style apart from the command that can have more ornate to show their rank , but different units to have different styles as well like they have had it made at a different forge and hence a different style


While as a matter of principle I think Chaos armies should look chaotic, from an aesthetic point of view uniformity looks nicer.


That was the reason why I started this, I was looking at Snotling’s gallery (particularly the shot below) and I was thinking that his looked chaotic.  So I was curious to see whether that was something liked generally, being more chaos than dwarfs.

That and I’m sculpting some warriors that eventually will be for trollforged minis (to sell), so it was handy to know.

I probably should start another thread for this, but do you all have a particular style of scale mail that you prefer?  Using snotling’s picture as an example you can see square scales, diamond, some studded ones and maybe even a few rounded ones.  I may be able to dig up an example of the ridged tile effect (seeing as I’ve done it on most of my blunderbussers).


I must say, that I would prefere a bit of everything - as long as it plated armour. So I voted for the last one.

Btw: Looking forward seeing your work for TrollForge - and by warriors you mean Chaos Dwarfs, right? Planed for any Blunderbusses??


i would say 2 kinds. i for the normal soldiers and ne for the command.



Yes, CD warriors.  Having sculpted most of the first model I’m not happy with it, he’s too bulky overall, and I went for a diamond style scale that in hindsight I don’t really like.  Ironically of course it’s not me that will be buying them!  But I’d only ever want to sell something I’m happy with.

The other issue is whether to do a hatmask to appeal to both camps…?  The mask think I’ve done is pretty good actually I think, so that will be staying, but I may put a flat section ontop.

I will load up some pics after I’ve resculpted the upper arms and legs.  I’ve done a one piece sculpt with a great weapon.

Blunderbussers will depend on how well the warriors come out. I want to sculpt at least 8 (5 regular and 3 command).

Kera foehunter:

Grim !! are throws the dwarf miner bodys???