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just wondered what your thoughts where on how a unit would look if it included a mix of BFSP and standard dwarfs?

its just that my original plan for my chaos dwarf army was to make in entirely from BFSP models however i have now realised that all of the units in the BFSP have a command section, some of which will be quite hard to convert back into normal warriors, and so i came up with the idea of buying the normal dwarf regiment boxes and then just mixing the BFSP models which i already have in. just wondering if you think it would look right as i understand that the BFSP dwarfs are smaller than the standard ones?

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Worked fine for me:


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wicked, cheers

Thommy H:

They mix fine, even with minimal converting:


I’d recommend using normal dwarfs over BFSP any day. Its a lot easier to make a dynamic unit, and the sculpting is superior.


Yeah, there’s really no big problem for combining the two variations in a unit. I experimented with some of mine before favouring the Dwarf warrior sculpt for these reasons: superior sculpt, more dynamic pose and variety. Also, since they are multipart models, they are easier to cut the beards off and do other work on. For mine, I’m using about 3-4 different kits to get the look I want (bare armed for the most part)

There is no noticeable size difference between BFSP and Dwarf Warrior box (hereafter DWb) IMO.

Big diffs:

BFSP dwarves have a static, feet together pose. DWb have a dynamic, marching pose.

BFSP dwarves have a “flat” pose - arms, weapons, etc, all in one line.

BFSP champs are pretty good for converting because they have an “open” pose (legs and arms to sides of body)

Personally, I think that the DWb are the way to go - they look better, but of course, you will end up spending more on them.


the reason I will buy another bfsp box is because I think its a great start for a CD army


BFSP box + dwarf battalion box = CD army

a great equation :hat off


cheers, looks like i’ll have to have a good think about what im after doing with them then… thanks allot for all of your advice though


I’ve done it and it works out fine. I had to use both for my unit of blundies now WIP.


They work fine together, as do BfSP and regiment box thunderers. The main reasons for choosing BfSP dwarfs over regiment boxes are:

1. You get all the core for your army - 2 units of CD warriors, one of Blunderbussers, a hero, death rocket/earthshaker and two sorcerers. Thats the base of 1,500pts already.

2. You also get 60 hoobos (or 40 hoobos and 20 gitz) plus two heroes and whatever you can do with the spider riders and the troll. This gives you a greenskin army as well if you want it. This makes it much better value than a battalion set.

3. Since your going to be hacking off all that plastic for your conversions, the quality of the sculpts isn’t as important


AGPOs reasoning is why I bought a second one after getting the first as a gift.

Kera foehunter:

Agpo That’s Brilliant!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

As has been said, it’s fine to mix and match, it adds diversity that may be difficult to achieve with low-modified BfSP units and makes it cheaper than using just DWbs units. Just let us see the results!