[Archive] Mobile Chaos Dwarf Army?


Has anyone thought of making an extremely mobile Chaos Dwarf army. Using high movement Chaos dwarf units such as hobgoblin wolfriders and Bull centaurs with Khans and Tauruks as the leaders. Core units of hobgoblins to fill out that area as they have a bit more mobility than dwarfs (Only a bit though). A destroyer as well with it’s high movement and perhaps even a Taurus in the mix too.

It wouldn’t be what your enemies would expect at all.

Any thoughts?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Maybe I’m just an odd duck but everything in my army except my Hellcannon and Magma Cannon are all pushing forward in my army. I don’t do gunlines…

Grimbold Blackhammer


I’ve written up a list with exactly that something like this:

Lv4 Prophet on Great taurus

Castellan BSB

29 Infernal Guard +1 Mv banner


4-6 Bull Centaurs or Kdaii

4-6 Bull Centaurs or Kdaii

K’daii Destroyer

5-7 wolf raiders

5-7 wolf raiders

You can make it with 2000 points. Tactics are pincer, infantry in the center the bulls either side then destroyer and taurus on ends. raiders wherever you like as they’re fast.

Can also work good as a refused flank using core to hold one side and the rest to smash through the other.