[Archive] Models for sale and to buy or trade

Hashut’s Blessing:



* 4 (Plastic) Chaos Knights (musician, champion)

* 1 (Plastic) Chaos Knight steed

* 1 (Greentsuff) Pig-Beastman

* 1 (Metal) Easterling Captain

* 1 (Metal) Easterling Banner Bearer

* 1 (Plastic) High Elf Mage

* 2 (Metal) Dwarf Banner Bearers (will have to trade in my favour for each)

* 1 (Metal) Khazad Guard

* 1 (Plastic) Dwarf Warrior (2-handed weapon)

* 13 (Plastic) 6th ed Chaos Warriors

* 26 (Plastic) Marauders (Shields, 2 x full command)

* 1 (Metal) 6th edition Bloodletter

* 1 (Plastic) Spore Mine

* 1 (Metal) Terminator (Power fist, assault cannon)

* 2 (Metal) 5th edition Dwarf Slayers (musician, standard bearer)

* 1 (Plastic) Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblin (musician)

* 5 (Plastic) Island of Blood Ellyrian Reavers (Hawkeye)


* Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses

* Lammasu

* Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

* 2 Minotaur hand weapons (one left an one right)

* Plague Marines


- 1 haradrim w/bow, -2 haradrim w/spears

Hashut’s Blessing:

Updated again!

Removed from haves:

* 6 (Plastic) Ogre Bulls (Two hand weapons/Ironfists)

* 16 (Plastic) Warriors of Chaos (Shields, full command, unpainted bar one)

* 2 (Metal) Dwarf Cannon Crew

* 2 (Plastic) Dwarf Cannon Crew

Removed from wants:

* Trolls

Added to wants:

* 1 Dark Elf female body

* 1 Pair of Scourge wings (bat-like)

* 1 Chaos Knight shield (daemonic face)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Removed from wants: * Thranduil

Thommy H:

What sort of condition are the Marauders in, HB?

Hashut’s Blessing:

They are painted neatly, but only basically (no highlights/shading/washes etc). Not sure if I said in the thread but there are two full commands, some with shoulder pads, all with shields. I can probably do some pictures if you’re patient? Not sure if they’re of any use to you.

Thommy H:

Well I need some for a Chaos Mammoth project and I was going to buy a box of them from GW - it’s not really important what they’re armed with for example. I wouldn’t mind some pics if you’re okay with that. Just PM me or something.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Will try to get them done tomorrow (memory permitting) and will upload them here and to a PM for you.

Hashut’s Blessing:

As I said, pictures for the viewers:

If anybody else would like anything to be pictured, please say so and I’ll PM and post them :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Made some MASSIVE changes.

I still need to recheck my haves, but I have what’s on there somewhere and may have more items.

My wants, I’m particularly after the Bastiladon and/or Stonehorn, please!