[Archive] Modified 3rd ed. Xbows...good or no good

Blue in VT:

Howdy all,

New guy here…I hope I’m placing this in the right forum…Mods please feel free to set me straight if not.

I have a offer from another forum to trade some of my c1992 Marauder dwarf hammerers for oop GW Chaos Dwarf Xbows…sounds like a fair trade…then the guy sent me a picture of the CDs…and they have all been modified to some extent…most have had the horns removed from their helmets…and others have had the chaos symbol removed from their helmets…:o

Here are the originals: http://www.solegends.com/citcat912/c20291rcchdwfwms.htm

So my question…how much would this bother you?  I would obviously prefer to have them in their original condition…but at the same time they don’t come along everyday…so do I jump on them while I have the chance and try to mix them in with some originals when I have the chance…or do I let these pass and wait for complete ones?

What say you my dark brethren?



Pyro Stick:

I would say to forget about the trade. The models imo are almost worthless as chaos dwarfs now if they have been that “vandalised” and i wouldnt trade good condition models for converted models anyway. Although it depends on wether or not you are a collector. From a collectors point of view they arent worth much anymore. If i bought them on ebay without realising the condition they were in i would ask for a refund asap and just wait for complete ones to show up which is quite often. I think you should find someone to trade with who has the models in original condition or if you dont care about the damage then try and get the crossbowmen for cheap, and by cheap i mean about £1 each.


Wait till you can get the originals… No point spending money on a devalued product. Unless you plan on coverting them yourself. In that case it’s up to you.

Da Crusha:

depending on how many models are being traded and how attached I am to the hammerers I would still consider the trade. I am a collector but I don’t plan on reselling them after they are painted up and actively used in my army. are the conversions done well? if they are I would use them for some variety from the originals.

Blue in VT:

I appreciate all the advice…and will take it under considertion.

Here are a few more facts…Other than the horns and the symbol the figures are untouched and have their tabs and 5 of the 6 sculpts are represented…although not in their original condition. He is offering me 12 xbows for 6 hammerer…of which I have many more than I need.

So at the moment I’m leaning towards doing it…The way I see it I will certainly be looking for more in the future and I will make sure they are unmolested…as someone mentioned above perhaps a good opportunity to diversify the unit…maybe I’ll even try some greenstuff to mix them up even more.

Pyro asked if I was a collector…and I guess I am to some extent…but I find myself more of a collector of cool units rather than individual models…the individuals don’t all have to be perfect but the whole of the unit must be cohesive and good looking. Of course a whole unit of all untouched MM90s is a major goal of mine too!

Anyway…thanks for your thoughts…I must retreat to my cave to ponder the trade…:hat off





If you just want models to game with, go for it. If you want the “collectors” models, then as Pyro said, these are worthless.

Personally, I’d hold out for the real models. When you have them, you’ll feel better about things. However, you might even think twice about painting the real models, as I have, for fear of messing them up! LoL. Still, paint jobs come and go, but the models must be intact to be the real deal.


Seeing as it sounds like you are leaning towards the collecting/painting end of things with these guys, I would have to agree with GRNDL and Pyro. These would work fine if you were looking for a table top army, but if you’re looking to paint them up nicely, I can’t see myself at least sitting down and putting a lot of effort into models that have been modified as these have been. However, depending on how many of those hammerers you have, it might be worth it to get a decent base for a converting project. But personally I don’t think I’d do it.

Blue in VT:


thanks again to all for the input. Here is what I decided…I’ll split the difference. I’m just going to get 6 of these…for three hammerers…which I only paid $2.50/fig for…so in effect I’m getting these xbows for $1.25 each not too shabby even for messed up models…I think I will use them for some Conversions to mix in with more of the originals when I find them…and possibly to make a musician for my Warrior unit…maybe a drummer? I can see those hands holding sticks…I would just need to GS of drum and strap.

Thanks again…I’ll keep you updated.


Blue in VT:

Howdy all…I just wanted to update this thread with a picture of the modded Xbows…the lack of spikes and horns certainly detracts from their personality but they are still cool models and I won’t mind doing some conversions on these.

One of these may become my GH entry…if I can find the time!

Cheers…:hat off



Huh they look ok without the horns and icons. But they do look better with them.

Still they remain beautiful models…

Blue in VT:

I agree…they are…OK. I think they will make good unit filler for a Xbow unit though…mix things up a little.