[Archive] Monstrous arcanum : Dread Maw


Hi guys,

My friends and me haven’t the same interpretation of the new Dread Maw rules.

What do you think about this :

“Tunneler : the dread Maw moves through to get to his prey, easily tearing a path through earth and stone. It moves in exactly the same fashion as a creature with the Fly special rule.

However, tunnelers do not benefit from the swiftstride rule.

Additionally, a unit with this rule also has the Always Strike first special rule on a turn in which it charges, and any unit charged by a tunneler does not gain any benefit from multiple ranks in the first round of combat”.

Additionally, you have to know that the dread may hasn’t a normal movement but “Random movement 2D6”.

What would be your interpretation about this ?

Mine is that dread Maw can either use the random movement 2D6, or the fly movement (10 ps). That’s the fly rule : unit with the Fly rule can chose to fly (or use their normal movement, in the case of dread maw : random movement).

Do you think it’s the good interpretation, or not ?

Another interpretation is that the dread maw could move randomly at 2D6 with Fly (in reality under the ground), that mean it couldnt’ stop it movement to contact the target and go behind it.

I would like to know your opinion before to ask FW

thank’s !!!

Thommy H:

I noticed this. My interpretation is that it moves 2D6 only, but it does so like a flyer - i.e. it ignores terrain, intervening units, etc.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

If you’re quoting the book itself when you write this, then the Dread Maw movement rate is 2D6" but ignores terrain and enemy units while doing so. Moving “like” a flyer does not make it a flyer. A very similar argument to attacks that are “distributed as shooting attacks” does not mean it is a “shooting attack”. I don’t know if that is the best example. But no flying!!

Grimbold Blackhammer

Hashut’s Blessing:

It doesn’t have the fly move, but moves as a flyer - I.E. ignores things between it’s start and end points.


In addition, because it moves like a flyer, but isn’t a flyer, it is unaffected by items/spells/units that screw with flyers.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Such as lore of Heavens attribute.