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in the border town burning chaos dwarf warband list under henchmen is the informer. now it refers to them as slaves but does anybody know if this means they are hobgoblins or humans or what. i really just want to know what type of model i should use when i am fielding informers or if it really matters.


It doesn’t really matter. These poor captives range from human adventurers to gor beastmen and hobgoblins, etc. You can practically use whatever models you see fit so there’s a lot of hobbying potential here.


thats cool. Just as a side note does anyone know when the border town burning supplement is coming out?

Kera foehunter:

i like to have a cool chaos hero thow .Or a small goup of cd and enslave the whole town

Hashut’s Blessing:

They remain vague and only state Slave because they wanted you to use any race you wish. I, personally, shall use a hobgoblin because it’s what I like the image being (a sneaky hobgoblin ratting out places and people, maybe assasinating uprising leaders etc). So, go nuts with which race you wish to use. After all, it states something along the lines of: These Informers are members of races that may have been shunned or have found a secret they dislike about their society and have some form of vendetta against their own kind, some have their faimilies held at ransom or are in a bargain where their life shall be spared.

I can’t remember when BTB comes out, but I think it’s this month.